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  1. Y. Ben-David on

    I just discovered your site. Yashar Koach!
    Obama, with the help of the Jews who are in his entourage, is attempting to split the Jewish community. That is why he invited fringe groups like Americans for Peace Now, the Israel Policy Forum led by the unmentionable MJ Rosenberg and J-Street , and yet important groups like Young Israel and Mort Klein’s ZOA he left out. It is VITAL for organizations like yours to show that the three Leftist groups I mentioned above DO NOT represent any major part of American Jewry.
    Tragically, I see that the biggest purveyors of antisemitism in the world today are Jews, many of whom, like Rosenberg, call themselves Zionists. Thus, our work is cut out for us and the sooner we get started, the better!

  2. Andrea Hyatt on

    I welcome Zstreet to the mix and only hope it fulfills the intentions for which it came into existence. A voice is needed to tell the REAL STORY….not the bogus ones that the anti-semites perpetuate. It has been a brutal unraveling of Hateful events since the Intifida erupted in 2000. It is repugnant to myself and others who align themselves with Israel to listen to and read the thouands of lies, myths, distortions of the truth that the muslim world has perpetuated. They have done an exceptional job of convincing many the world over that the Jews are the occupiers, the murderers, the cause for everything bad. They have learned well how to use the media. They have spread their filth in every corner of the globe. Who do the people the world over think has caused such destruction? Beheadings? Bombings of trains, embassies, towers, hotels. etc? What world do the deniers live in? Not my world……not yours either.
    Israel has been way to silent. There is much to be said to defy all the false accusations hurled against her/ us, the Jews. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! I support your endeavor/s and look forward to hearing more from you!
    Yasher Koach!
    Andrea Hyatt

  3. Davida Geller Rosenberg on

    Pressure makes diamonds and Israel is The Priceless Gem and Beloved Wife of The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac, and The God of Jacob. When Israel finds its Voice and begins to Declare The Law as proclaimed in The Torah of YHWH, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that The God of Israel is King of all The Earth. HaShem is God, and there is None Else. Let us Proclaim the Name of YHWH BOLDLY WITH TRUMPETS AND WITH GLORY. When we return to Him, He will return to us. Let those who wish to follow Korach, be separated from us. As for me and my House,
    and for the True Children of The Living God, Let us Proclaim Our Inheritance in the sight and in the hearing of all the Nations. Israel! Behold Your King!

  4. Robert E. on

    How ecstatic I was when I saw Z Street referenced on Atlas Shrugs website. Oh How we need an antidote to the appeasers. Plenty of them in the SF Bay Area. Went to hear a Rabbi(conservative) give a talk on Israel last Monday. Pathetic. “lets try to understand the mind of the Palestinians”. Remember Neville Chamberlain. Britains great appeaser to the Germans. At least the Chabad Rabbi here gets it.
    You’ve made my day! Hope some day we have a branch out here in the Bay Area. Robert E.

  5. Scipio on

    I am glad to see your organization take on the phony “J Street” crowd.

  6. Robert Gutman on


    Since seeing this announcement, I did a little homework. I have particularly noticed what you did for TIP; I am also a strong supporter. I am writing to call to your attention that Brit Tzedek announced that the Friedman Article (http://jta.org/news/article/2009/07/09/1006434/op-ed-israel-backers-must-support-a-settlement-freeze) published in JTA on the 9th will be reprinted “in papers throughout the country.” This may be an opportunity for Z Street to respond in many cities and raise its profile as well as set the record straight.

    Thanks for what you are doing

    Robert Gutman, Durham (same place as Friedman’s home and of Jennifers original home)

  7. Librarians for Fairness on

    As strong supporters of Israel, members of Librarians for Fairness welcome Z Street.

  8. Dave on

    As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (“Mormon”), allow me to also pledge my support of this great movement. Mormons feel many strong ties to the Children of Israel and understand the importance of having a sovereign nation for the Israelites. We will always be your allies, friends, and brothers/sisters. May the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless this movement!

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      Welcome Dave!

  9. Ruvy Kossover on

    Let us not quibble over things like these, my friends, my brothers and sisters. That is precisely how the the national camp descended to its low state of despair in our own country. If the Z-Streeters have trouble relinquishing a word, and it inspires them, let them keep the word and let us work with them. Let us give them trust, as we would ask them to trust us. Let us offer them a hand up, not a put down. Let’s give them strength, as we seek them to give us strength.

    Together, we can deal with those Jewish cowards who would appease the goyim thinking to win security, the Jewish cowards who would sacrifice our homes and security for the imagined security either of the “good will” of goyim or of a meaningless piece of paper from some enemy who will turn on us and stab us in the back.

    Think strength, not dispute, and we will be strong. Think unity rather than challenging integrity, and together we will be united and see honor in each other’s eyes.

    Blessings from Samaria

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      Thanks Ruvy – and let’s remember, it isn’t the goyim who are the enemies, it is just the anti-Jew, anti-Zionists, many of whom are Jews, and I despise them the most.

      • Ruvy Kossover on

        Perhaps I should clarify something right here, so that everyone understands what it is that I’m talking about.

        In my opinion, it is not for us to seek allies among those who are not of the Children of Israel.

        But when those who are not Children of Israel come to us to say, “we support you wholeheartedly”, as Jim Brown has above, or Dave below, that’s a very different ballgame. If we inspire these people, and they feel kinship or love for us, they have sought us out as friends, and we should honor them as Abraham would honor a guest in his tent, running to have biscuits and yogurt ready, and a fatted calf on the spit.

        But for us to chase after non-Jews for alliances demeans us, and we should not demean ourselves. We are the Children of Israel, the nation that stands alone and apart from mankind. Eventually, we will understand the role we have to play in history vis a vis the Children of Noah (the rest of mankind). That is not clear yet, and it would be the height of arrogance for me to presume to know such a thing. But we were chosen for a task, and it will not be an easy one.

  10. Eli Maimon on

    I do not think we need another Zionist movement.
    What we need for all you Zionists to get together into ONE movement.
    Is this too much to ask for, or is your personal leadership more important than the intentions you state?
    What do you think you are achieving, other than another division of forces???
    I will gladly read your reply.

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      To Eli:

      Don’t want to let this go without at least letting you know I intend to respond and I appreciate your willingness to share your view.

      I intend to answer every one who posts a comment that asks questions, so long as they are driven by love of Israel, which Eli’s is. I may post negative critics if I think the message is one we should all know and think about how to respond. The rest get the delete key.

  11. Shalom on

    Not a good idea.
    Original Zionists are baruch Hashem extinct.

    Zionist is synonymous for a country led by non-religious Jews who are ashamed that they are Jews and whose intent was/is for Israel to be a secular country like the non-Jewish nations in the world.

    True Zionists of today are the religious Jews. A better name would be Eretz Yisrael or EY Street.

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      Shalom, Shalom,

      The definition of Zionism you are using is not my, or Z STREET’s, definition. We wholeheartedly believe in Israel as the Jewish State, as is enunciated clearly, over and over again, in our Charter. We do not support Israel being a secular state. We welcome your concern, but those of us who have signed on understand the distinctions.

      kol tuv,

  12. SpartRan on

    Your call to arms is outstanding and long overdue! I look forward to joining the fight with other Z Streeters for what the entire world KNOWS (yet never acknowledges) is right!
    With Best Regards –

  13. Ruvy Kossover on

    Read carefully what I say here, for I fully support you and what you are doing, or attempting to do.

    Zionism was the invention of British theologians who studied our works of prophecy in the Tana”kh over three hundred years ago and understood the underlying theme of return in them. Jews later took the name for their own and created a secular movement to resettle the country.

    Zionism has fulfilled its purpose: there is now a first growth of the Redemption in our ancient homeland and I live here, along with 5.5 million others as proof. And as you can see, Zionism is dying. This was meant to occur. The death of Zionism will fully occur when a man, the messiah, son of Joseph, will lead Jews in Israel to re-establish a Jewish state to displace the secular “state of the Jews”, which is what the State of Israel aspires to be.

    So, do not be discouraged by what you see. Barak Hussein Obama is the right man in the White House. He wil finally rip the mask of “friendship” the government of the United States has worn for over six decades to reveal its true enmity for Jews who dare re-establish their ancient homeland. Better an honest enemy than a false friend.

    I suggest you all absorb these ideas in your minds if you wish to survive and succeed.

    1. Israel stands alone and always will. We can never lower ourselves to seek allies among the goyim.
    2. While a written constitution that stands above the country’s civil law to describe its form of governance is a necessity, the underlying code that unites us is Torah. Its yoke falls on all those who are the Children of Israel.
    3. There are more to the Children of Israel than just us Jews. In addition to the Jews who converted to Islam under Turkish rule and are now “Arabs” living in Judea, to the refugees who fled to Ethiopia and have now returned from there, “Falasha” no more, there are millions of Pashtun who are descendants of the Children of Israel who fled this land 28 centuries ago. So, be prepared for some very interesting contoversies – and be ready to welcome new brother Israelites from the most unlikely places in th world.
    4. To return to my opening paragraph: Zionism described the basic theme of return from the four corners of the Earth to the Land of Israel in our books of prophecy. We have a holy responsibility to make that return a reality for all of us who are physically able. The clock is ticking and other prophecies, ones far more dire, await all of us as well.

    Blessings from Samaria,

    • Jim Brown on

      I am a Evangelical Christian goyim. I support Israel and the Jewish people daily. We are the best and loyal friends you have.

      • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

        To Jim:
        And we know how important your support is, and how you are better Zionists than are so many (most, I guess) Jews. Thank you!

  14. Nurit Greenger on

    Lori and Allyson,
    I am so proud of you. I will do whatever I can to be in front of the White House in October and whatever you need from me to help, I am here for you!
    It is about time we begin pushing the crap off our backs!
    The God of the Jews is with us!
    Love, Nurit

  15. Ron Grandinetti on


    I am a regular on Israpundit and Caroline Glick website.
    I have mentioned a number of times on both sites that liberal American Jews need to wake up.
    Don’t be afraid to be Jewish. No matter where you reside if you are Jewish you are connected to Israel by tradition, heritage and by G-d.
    Israel is our friend and trusted ally in the ME and Barak Hussein Obama wants to throw them under the bus.
    We can thank the kool-aid drinker that voted for him.

    Will pray for your success.

  16. Roberta E. Dzubow on

    It is with the greatest pleasure that I read of this new undertaking. While others are politically correct, and keep a low profile, I am delighted that Z Street will say what has to be said, and arrange what is needed to be done, in the public eye.

    For over 40 years, the 24/7 Arab public relations campaign has gone strong. They have written the script, fudged the photos, and befriended, paid off, or intimidated reporters. It is time that the truth got told. Hooray for this new endeavor. May G-d bless this desperately needed voice and leadership.

  17. Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

    This gorgeous photograph was taken by Navon Katsav who agreed to allow us to use it for Z STREET. It is who we are!

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