Z STREET already hits big time

When the pathetic ones begin (a) mentioning us, (b) denigrating us, (c) creating cartoons of us, and (d) comparing us to them, we are officially a force! Plus, anytime the J Streeters are depicted as angels we definitely want to be shown as the opposite in that perverse universe. The particular planet from which this comes is Irish for Palestine. Thanks guys!GOODVEVIL

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  1. Isaac on

    We need to consistently target Tikkun Olam as well. These scoundrels have piggy-backed with the Reconstructionist movement to pretend that they are the real Jews and know what is good for Israelis!

    It’s almost as if they are practising the same ‘replacement theology’ with the Jewish people which some Christian denominations tried, unsuccessfuly, a few years ago.

  2. Yosef Dov on

    Please add me to your membership rolls…

    Joe N
    New York, NY

  3. mimi on

    I woke up this morning,went to my gym,tuned into maybe msnbc and theres keith overbite compareing hamas and the hezbos to the townhall resistance to deathcare.Heaven help us it looks like about 85%of us aren’t happy unless we’re marching off to a death camp

  4. Moshe Brody on

    How about addressing the psycho-pathology of the enemy?

    What we’re facing is certainly no legitimate difference of opinion, and not even a case of people favoring our adversaries (the Arabs, aka “Palestinians”) in their grievances against Israel.

    What we’re dealing with is serious mental illness. Nothing else can explain the intensity and visceral nature of the attacks against us and our country. The symptoms — detachment from reality (facts don’t matter), paranoia (Israel is the cause of all the world’s problems, etc.), delusions of grandeur (pretending to be champions of “justice”), hysteria (just read what they say) — these are all symptoms of psychosis.

    The fact that many of the most seriously-ill happen to be Jews (some of whom live in Israel) indicates the severity of the problem. Just calling them “self-loathing Jews” doesn’t get to the root of it. I don’t know if it will be possible to arrange for psychiatric treatment of these afflicted Jews, but we should at least demand that they not be allowed to hold positions of responsibility and influence in the government, courts, military and police, media, education, etc.

    (By characterizing this as a mental illness, I do not mean to suggest that we have to be sympathetic to them. Evil is still evil, even if it happens to be a medical condition.)

    Moshe Brody
    Kfar Sava, Israel

    • Manch on

      Moshe Bordy – I completely agree.

    • Simantov2003 on

      I don’t know if these self hating Jews are “mentally ill”
      I doubt it. I think they lack exposure to the beauty of Judaism. That’s a problem that plagues so many Jews today. We don’t know our own history, our own philosophy, heros, etc. and because we aren’t proud of ourselves we look for other models to follow. Even kids in Israel are not exposed to traditional Jewish values, they grow up loving the secular world and thinking less, if at all, about spiritual or moral truths that that are the foundation of our own religion.

  5. Rafael V. Rabinovich on

    I don’t think Greg really has an argument. He’s just trying to pick up a fight with thoughless incitement. Anyone with a half working brain can see how the war in Gaza was not caused by Israeli “occupation” but by the lack thereof. It is when the Arabs were left to their own devices that the war broke off. Of course, if you want to hid your head in the ground and ignore the shelling of Sderot and Ahshkelon, you may as well let a Qassam hit you in the sit of your pants. I’d love to see a lefty with a Qassam up his a__ talking about how unfair it is for Israel to enter Gaza to stop the shelling.
    But there is no point in arguing here. Greg’s thinkng is plain treif. Just take a look at that last-name of his.

  6. newcentrist on

    What an excellent project. I just posted a critique of J Street on my blog.

    Greg, you are a total clown and an excellent representative of the “anti-Zionist” movement.

  7. Greg Bacon on

    Say, when is the next planned Israeli invasion of Gaza? Or Syria?

    Or Lebanon? After five years of drought, that River Litani is starting to look better and better!!!

    Why not make the ME a nuke free zone? That would mean the only ones who have nukes, the Israel and the US, would have to remove them.

    But that makes too much sense and might lead to peace in the ME and Israel couldn’t survive on a diet of peace.

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      I love when people like Greg comment here. It shows us how easy our task is.

      • Yisrael Medad on

        Is this the Greg who thinks Israelis are Nazis? Has he found any crematoria yet?

        As for invasions, if he could help his friends stop firing any rockets, digging tunnels, planting bombs along the security fence, shooting at the crossings (they even used horses last time; where’s PETA?)and try to infiltrate (just like they did in the 1950s), I am sure Israel would just love to ignore Gaza now.

        But Greg, can you intervene and ask the Arabs there not to destroy Jewish archeological artifacts and synagogues located in Gaza that are left from the over 2000 year period of Jewish residency there?

  8. Elinor W on

    I met Allison Taylor around 2002 on a trip to Israel with StandWithUS. I am so happy you have started Z Street. J Street came to a congregation in Buffalo and some peopletougoht the speaker was great. Z Street is so badly needed. I would love to join. I live in Buffalo New York. Please bill me the $18 through regular mail.

    Elinor Weiss
    New York

  9. Felix Quigley on

    The winning of American Jews in opposition to antisemitism and to writers like Walt is vital. I will certainly join with you

  10. Jorge Banner on

    So, how does one register here?

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      RIght now, if you want to be a member, just state that in a comment and I will add you to the organization. Please let me know the nearest big city near you, or the state or region, etc.

      The whopping annual dues is $18 and the Paypal info will be available – G-d willing – by next week. We will also have a land address to send checks for those uncomfortable with the paypal form of payment. Until the dues mechanism is up we’re doing the honor system.

      The pages that are only available to members can be accessed by a password which I will send to you in your private email, unless you don’t want that. Right now the pages are blank or are barely begun because I have been working on so many other aspects of this. Including these replies to specific questions which I think are really important.


  11. Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

    I love being called a Zionist and it has nothing to do with the so called Palestinian issue. I also love called Israel the Jewish State – people can pick what they want to call themselves and our cause, but we have to keep our eye on the ball and defend Israel from those who would annihilate it, or just sit back and do nothing other than turn the pages of the newspaper article about its potential annihilation and say “tsk, tsk.”

  12. yisroel on

    if u call it zionist then u are by default validating the palestinien side of the natinalist question but if eretz yisroel is a tool in a religious entity then no opposite exists

    its like saying i say pepsi u are legitimizing coca cola i beileve zionism is a national concept devoid of a spiritual background just as is the nationalist tendencies of the palestinien race

    but that changes if u nail the mantra THE JEWISH STATE

  13. Link to the source of that caricature?

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      I hate to send traffic that way, so here is the whole article and the url if you just must go there. There is no opportunity to comment on that blog, by the way.
      Here it is:

      All this Irish-Catholic Athiest can say, is “Oye Vey”

      What have we here folks? A new Ass Whooping Right Wing Neo-Con nutjob racist Zionist Jihadist group emerging to “challenge” the Pro-Peace Progressive Left group J-Street. Yes, we are witnessing “Jew Wars” with the emergence of J-Street, now the Zio-Jihadists are none too happy that J-Street is having much success with their more rational policies which include; negotiations, not war, returning stolen land for peace, no war on Iran, and a whole host of other rational starting positions. Nah, can’t have that now can we? Gotta get rid of all those “Self Hating” rational Jews who may influence Washington. So, somewhere in a closet, behind white robes with pointy little hats, a shadowy group of two decide to take J-Street on, and have “organised” just last week, when they came out of the closet to sign up for a free wordpress blog. More after the article below:

      New Zionist Kid on the Block: ‘Z Street’ Supports Israel

      The group, going by the name Z Street, intends to “serve as an educational force” and “a proud banner” behind which Zionists can rally, according to its founding documents. The group’s founders (All two of them) believe the current period is a “time of great danger to the Jewish State of Israel and, increasingly, to world Jewry,” warranting the establishment of a new, unabashedly Zionist advocacy group.

      “We need to show everyone that it isn’t only those on the left who know how to organize,” said Lori Lowenthal Marcus, a long-time Zionist activist(well there’s one member) and, with Allyson Rowen Taylor, a Z Street founder. (And bringing up the rear, we have member number two!)

      In contrast, in her inaugural blog post on behalf of Z Street, Marcus declared: “No more appeasement, no more negotiating with terrorists, no more enabling cowards who fear offending more than they fear another Holocaust
      (Oh Nooooo!!!! the GREAT rallying cry of the fear mongering Zio-Jihadists, invoking the big “H” word, be Afraid, be VERY Afraid…Ok here comes their “Platform” or should I say “Racist Agenda” or possibly “Ethnic Cleansing Plan” perhaps?)

      Furthermore, the organization’s charter makes specific note of the right of Jews to live in Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights, Jerusalem and Gaza, all of which it calls “within greater Israel.”
      (Are we surprised???)HERE’S MORE..

      Z Street’s first major public act in the offline world is to be a pro-Israel rally at the White House on October 27, 2009 that is the same week that J Street holds its first annual meeting in Washington D.C.

      So they are made to sound like a formidable group judging from this big article, right? And they are now planning on “taking it to the streets” (excuse the pun) or rather, to Washington in a show of force against J-Street. Well, have a look at the “impressive” site of this “formidable” organisation. The only post is one big massive Zio-Jihadist Rant in the first and only post. There were 4 comments in the comment section, one of which is the founder thanking the other 3 commenters for stopping by and supporting them with comments. So, look out J-Street, they’re coming fer ya!!!

      All two of them.

      Now, here’s J-Street Info, which is in line with the Obama Administration’s (public policy on the I/P conflict if you believe him that is!),along with the Arab states, and the Palestinian agreed position, including the recent position of Hamas and Syria as well in order to achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East:

      J Street supports diplomatic solutions over military ones, including in Iran; multilateral over unilateral approaches to conflict resolution; and dialogue over confrontation with a wide range of countries and actors when conflicts do arise.

      • The creation of a viable Palestinian state as part of a negotiated two-state solution, based on the 1967 borders with agreed reciprocal land swaps. The future Palestinian state will require unprecedented levels of international economic and political support to succeed, including a resolution of the refugee issue within the new Palestinian state and in current host countries;

      • An Israeli-Syrian peace agreement based on the land-for-peace formula, security guarantees, and details outlined in previous negotiations;

      • A comprehensive regional peace that builds on the Arab Initiative, leading to recognition of Israel by all its neighbours in the Middle East and the creation of a new regional approach to cooperation and security;

      • An American policy in the Middle East more broadly based on diplomacy, multilateralism and real partnership with the European Union, the Quartet and others. We support dialogue with a broad range of countries and actors, including Iran, over confrontation in order to find solutions to the region’s conflicts.

      To advance these goals, we seek to build a broad and inclusive campaign that crosses ethnic and religious lines and in which American Jews play a prominent role.

      we will oppose alliances with the religious right or any radical religious ideologues in the name of supporting Israel as well as efforts to demean and fan fears of Islam or of Muslims.

      So there you have it folks, let the “Jew Wars” begin. Now this is important: I have said it before, so I’m saying it again. I prefer that NO foreign country, including Israel, has huge lobby groups that influence American politicians, funnel money to them, and basically buy them. Having said that, American politics being what it is, a big money game, these groups will never disappear. So, I’m rooting for the “sane” people over the “insane” people because it is a place to start inside the “cesspool” of lobby groups of America. In the meantime, it is far better that J-Street has Obama’s ear, rather than the Zio-Jihadists. However, If J Street begins to change it’s political position, then you can drop your support like a Hot Potato at that time. But for now, it’s the rational against the irrational, if you are an American, I suggest you get over to J-street and get on their mailing list, help them have a show of “People on the Ground” force against the Zio-Jihadists come October in Washington when they may, by then, have more than just “two” members, perhaps by borrowing some from AIPAC, the ZOA and the ADL.

      • Yosef Dov on

        So… where is the link to the “store” where I can buy one of those official Z-Street uniforms: “white robes with pointy little hats”???

        It’s nice to believe in peace agreements, and unicorns, while dealing with an enemy who has sworn repeatedly (up to this very day) that the only solution is to “drive the Jews into the sea”. Our friends at J-Street obviously haven’t bothered to read the charter of HAMAS, the Islamo-Fascist genocidal murder organization “elected” by the “palestinian” people… or they would see things like article thirteen, which states: “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”. And of course, the best part of the charter of the elected “government” of those who J-Steet and their ignorant ilk conveniently choose to ignore: article 7, which of course calls for GENOCIDE against ALL Jews- not against “Israelis”, but ALL JEWS: “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

        What part of “kill him” do you not understand, oh lover of peace?

      • RabJayG on

        When will the delusional left learn that “Land for Peace” has never worked in modern history – not prior to World War II, not at Oslo, not at Gush Katif. If one would suggest that the treaty with Egypt was land for peace he would be mistaken. It was genuine peace first, followed by a treaty which included some land. Sadat came to Jerusalem before one square inch of the Sinai was returned to Egypt. Egypt is a country that has been waging its own war on Fundamental Islamic terrorism for decades. Syria is a terrorist state which supports the operatives and operations of Islamic terrorism.
        Israel has made more than enough sacrifices for which it has suffered grievously with resulting terror and loss of life in each instance. J Street is a bunch of small minded, probably, Arab-funded Kapos who would not shed a tear if Israel would disappear from the map. Let them deride real Jews as much as their miniature brains wish. We’ve dealt with Kapos before.

  14. Rafael V Rabinovich on

    A more Earthly, and certainly accurate metaphor would be to show J Street as the Liberal Junderat, and Z Street as the righteous resistance for the survival of the Jewish people in the silent Holocaust of assimilation and loss of Jewish identity.

    Or, well, we could bring up the parable of Rabbi Akiva: a Fox asking the Fish to leave the turbulent waters because “on dry ground is safer” (The fox being the liberal False Messiah, Obama in this case, and J Street the gullible fish who actually follow his command right into his hungry jaws). The a wise old fish speaks out (Z Street) and declares “if in our own turf (Judea and Samaria) it is dangerous, how much more so it would be if we venture into the dry exile that is someone else’s territory?

    In the later, you guess which fish actually survived.

    It is not enough to say that THEY have noticed US. We need to go ahead and make it clear: J Street is not the voice of a sane Jewry. Only Z street is טוב ליהודים

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      Quite right about what matters in terms of what is most clear and that is our message and your examples are all excellent. But you have to admit it’s a bit of a lip upturn to see the patheticos on the other side already taking potshots at us.

      Incidentally, there were a few posts on one of the Tikun Olam blogs that also denigrated us. I thought it was particularly ironic that the words the guy used were uniformly anti-female – they called Allyson and me harpies and referred to us as shrieking and a few other ridiculous terms. I “scolded” him for being anti-feminist. I also pointed out that he had no idea what the real meaning of Tikun Olam is and he went wild on that one. More attention for us. Plus, sometimes my inner teenager comes out.

  15. Elke C-A on

    Please add me to your membership. Thanks for what you are doing.

  16. James Biga on

    Barack Obama is one of the more misleading, manipulative people to hold any political office. He apparently has learned from the Arab/islamists how to use “western” words while meaning something completely different. This became obvious during the presidential campaign. He constantly gave speeches that had no specifics and positioned himslef to appear “safe”.

    Of course he is happy with J Streets “arrival”. They are not a threat and they are willing to sit over here while Israelis live in fear and condemn what Israel does at every turn.

    The Israelis have continuouslt take the hard steps only to be slapped in the face by “palestinian” reality. THEY DON”T WANT THERE OWN STATE THEY WANT THE LAND THAT ISRAEL IS ON AND ALL THE JEWS GONE!!

    Anyone who hasn’t picked up on this is lying to themselves and allowing others to pay the price.

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