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UPDATE: If you want to become a member, go to the “Join Z STREET”

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  1. Nurit on

    Blessed Lori and Allyson,
    I want to become a member at once; I am in …California USA. … check is on its way to you by snail mail, not paypal.

    It is about time that we, Jews got together and begin shaking off the lies, the deceit, the revision of our beautiful history, the humiliation and disgrace the Arabs, the muslims and the antisemites junk of the wrld has piled on us. No more keeping quiet when people are spitting on us from morning to night!
    Enough is enough!

  2. Kevin Jon W on

    21 July 2009
    Dear Lori (& Allison whom I’ve not met),

    Yasher koakh!

    Yes, sign me up. Good move. I’ll mail you a check.


  3. merom on

    Kol hakavod. It’s about time that someone started standing up.

  4. Stanley R on

    I would like to join.
    I reside in Englewood, NJ
    Prefer land mail.

    Congratulations on the launch!

  5. Marleen P on

    I’m in. I want to join.
    Land mail
    Maryland, near Washington D.C.

  6. alberto g on

    i would like to join you

  7. Irving W on

    I want to be a member. I don’t use paypal so tell me where I can send a cheque. I’m in Toronto, Canada.

    Wonderful that you have started this. The scene as you know has been depressing. How can we help? What do you need most? Maybe we can organise some assistance from out here. Let me know.

  8. Matt H on

    Sign me up. Paypal is fine. We’re in Connecticut.

  9. Deborah H. on

    i want to be a member,


    deborah e hammond

  10. Aliza on

    I want to be a member! Since I’m in Israel (Jerusalem) I would prefer to pay using PayPal.

    Aliza Wells

  11. Joseph on

    I would like to join your organization. I prefer snail mail and live in the New Jersey suburbs of New York City.

  12. Márcia on

    Please, I would like Paypal payment. Are the $18 a monthly fee?

    My address:
    Brasília- DF

  13. Mary B on

    Please tell me if you post coming or important meetings or important events to attend in Israel. I’m interested in what you put on this web site concerning Israel. Also are there postings concerning our government (USA)?
    I would like to get an idea of just everything on this site. Since things are tight now, I just can’t give a fee and need to know what you are putting on your web site. Do you send news daily?
    Please do not show my name.
    I’m in Ohio.
    Thank You

  14. Mendel P on

    I would like to join your organization. I live in Atlanta, GA. I believe land for peace is nonsense unless the arabs want to give Israel land for peace. I don’t use paypal but can send you a check.

    Thank you,

  15. Jeff B on

    Lori – Please sign me up as a member via PayPal. I am in Stamford, CT.

    Also, please check out my organization United for Peace and Freedom which also launched this week at http://www.ufpaf.org.

  16. shtuey on

    I am interested in becoming a member of Z Street. Any response to the Soros owned/Obama lackey operated J Street is where I want to be. I live in North Carolina and have a preference for Paypal. I’d also like more details on the rally in October.

    kol ha kavod!

  17. dan on

    i wish to join this cause.

  18. Mathieu S on


    This is terrific. Just what is needed. Way more in sync with my thoughts than anything! Sign me up.


  19. Irmgard G on

    At last a ray of hope that the appeasement forces behind J-Street and their cohorts are not going to go unchallenged. A great debt of gratitude goes to you,Lori, for your iniative and courage in setting up a platform for all those who truly care about Israel’s existence and security in this hostile world.
    Please sign me up as a member of Z Street. I would like to pay my $18 membership by US (Snail) Mail. I live in Lexington, KY. Glad to put “fly-over country” Kentucky in the mix!
    Awaiting further pay instructions,
    Irmgard Gesund

  20. Joy H on

    I would like to become a member. I live in Los Angeles, California.

  21. ivan w on

    Membership – Yes

    West Yorks
    BD7 3NQ

    Paypal – if you can get reasonable currency change rates

    Ivan Winters

  22. Menachem B on

    Thank the Lord there is one organization that opposes appeasement

  23. Cookie S on

    Sign me up. I split my time equally between Atlanta, Philadelphia & Los Angeles. I prefer land mail for dues.

  24. paul j on


    Los Angeles

    Sign me up! thnx

  25. Richard B on

    Great work. Sign me up.

  26. Leonard W on

    I am in Boston, MA, and would like to join. Please e-mail me what I need to join, and the address to which I will send a check. Thank you, kol ha-kavod, wishing you and all of us success.

  27. yosef and miriam on

    we would like to join.

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