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  1. Randal Crouch on

    Very illuminating- but not surprising.
    Any Jew who participates in- or silently ignores the evil these SOB’s are either doing, or planning- be damned.
    Socialism and it’s cousins are EVIL.
    People(other than the BHO ELITE) are cattle- to be used, deceived, and discarded at will.
    They do not value human life, they slaughter the innocent to achieve their goals. ( If no one stops them. )
    Please- study the writings of Ayn Rand; Plug into the resources of Mark Steyn (; Look at the amazing work being done by Geert Wilders.
    The radical left is no friend to human beings, the poor, Jews, Israel,the elderly, the pre-born, children,……..
    Enough said.

  2. Joe K. on

    One can only hope with global warming……..

  3. smokefire on

    Looks like the court Jew, Rahm is skating on thin ice. One can only hope the ice breaks

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