No more appeasement, no more negotiating with terrorists, no more enabling cowards who fear offending more than they fear another Holocaust.  Z STREET is for those who are willing not only to support – but to defend – Israel, the Jewish State.

We have the strength of our convictions and are quickly moving towards strength in numbers. Our members thus far come from a dozen different countries including Argentina, Australia, Cuba, Brazil, England, Israel, Gibraltar,  New Zealand, South Africa, France, Holland and Sweden.  We come from more than 25 states including Kentucky, Tennessee, Washington, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Washington, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Oregon, California, Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey and New York; plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.


38 comments so far

  1. Dav Lev on

    I frequent other websites and post comments. I am
    an Independent, and voted for John McCain/Sarah Palin.
    I favored Rudy Giuliani initially. I am NOT a one issue voter, but am concerned about the liberal, leftist anti-Israel drift in the Democratic Party. I want more Jews to vote for Republicans and not allow the Democrats to have us in their pockets. We should make them earn our votes by starting with a much stronger stance against the Palestinian insistance on two states ( on the surface that is), the pre-67 borders (as if the Six Day War never occurred), a divided Jerusalem ( a non-starter) AND allowing over 5m Muslims to live in Israel behind the green line. I favor Jordan as THE Palestinina state, not
    the W. Bank and Gaza Strip, but like Bibi Netanyahu I am practical. The world and Jordan will never allow 8m more Arabs. I favor arming Israel to allow it’s technological edge. That means advanced air defense systems. I like Bibi Netanyahus prescription for peace, as spelled out several months ago, including a demilitarized West Bank and the dismantling of Hamas. I favor enforcing the three UNSC resolutions against Iran, approved by the Security Council members, but heretofore ignored by Iran. I want tougher sanctions, including restricting the sales of oil to that country, prohibiting their leaders from traveling abroad, and in some cases, arresting them for incitement to genocide. I favor a combined US-Israel attack against Iran’s nuke sites. I do not favor an occupation or invasion however, to preclude the same mistakes as in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am convinced that Saddam Hussein intended to use WMD against Israel, US interests, and even
    the US itself, had he had the opportunity. (See Opertation
    Dark Winter). I believe J Street is undermining Jewish unity, both in the Diaspora and Israel..thus creating a very dangerous climate. I favor free speech however, and their right to petition their legislators. While I disagree
    totally with their remedy for peace in the M.E., I defend their right to express themselves. Thank you.

  2. millie on

    i would like to join. Annapolis, Md. the capitol of Md even though we are really a suburb of Baltimore or Washington.DC

  3. Robert C on

    I wish to congratulate and commend both Lori and Allyson for starting Z Street. Please keep up the good work!!!

  4. Laurie D-K on

    At first glance at this new organization – I was greatly saddened. Saddened to have to admit that I was one of theose American Jews who read the paper, turn the page and went tsk tsk. I often spoke to anyone who would listen about the sad state of affairs Israel is being confronted with…and how I wish somethng could be done.

    How sad I am to realize I sat back and did little. BUT, how thrilled am I that someone has stepped up to the plate and has come out swinging!!! Yasher Koach to the women who had the sachel to stand up for their convictions!!! Toda raba!!! And may you go from strength to strength!! May this endeavor prove to be the voice that rings so loud NO ONE can ignore it!!!

    Laurie Dinerstein-Kurs
    I learned about this org. from Naomi Ragen of womeningreen.

  5. avigayil m on

    how can i join z street? i heard about the group from nragen. i support israel 1000000% and totally agree there is no compromise possible. we must stand strong.

  6. Rivka on

    Everything you can do, in the most direct and powerful ways to counter and stop the appeasers and nay-sayers, I will be delighted to support. I’ll even offer ideas from time to time in our continuing war for existence.

    Please add me to your membership.
    Rivka in Vancouver BC Canada

  7. B. Yugala on

    The more people speak out, the more chance we have to defeat the appeasers who are aiding Israel’s enemies. We must push to get our point of view into the mainstream media which has been pretty much taken over by those enemies. Thanks for all you are doing.
    Please sign me up as a member.

    B. Yugala

  8. Cat K. on

    Whatever Z is…. if it is sincere, then I would like to participate. Thanks!

  9. Berel Dov Lerner on

    “nozionistpighere” offers a good example of an interesting phenomenon. He or she writes:”You are a bunch of sickos. no one is the “chosen””. Here’s the interesting thing: the expression “chosen people” is basically non-existent in classical Jewish sources. I think it is actually an English expression that was translated into Hebrew not long ago. I have never heard it used (except, perhaps, in a cynical way) by any Israeli politician. Still, Israel-bashers always mention it as if it had some kind of special relevance for Zionism. On the other hand, I find ridiculous comments saying things like “Israel is only for the Jews”. Would you be prepared to tell a Druze or Bedouin mother whose son fell in battle while serving in the IDF that she has no place in Israel because she is not Jewish?

  10. Isaac on

    Hi from Toronto, Canada. Please count me in

  11. Susan M on

    I would like to join. New Jerseyites can be good Zionists too. Congratulations on this needed effort.

    Kadima (onward) with Z street

  12. Michael on


    Yasher koach!

    Please “sign me up”…

    Michael, near Philadelphia

  13. nozionistpighere on

    You are a bunch of sickos. no one is the “chosen”

    • Daniel on

      This is in response to the comment made by “nozionistpighere” on July 22, 2009:
      ‘You are a bunch of sickos. no one is the “chosen”’

      Without having gone through every aspect of this website, and not being sure that this claim has been made on this site, I would add that “chosen” was not directly connected to the claim on the land of Israel. Although it is true that Hashem promises the land to Abraham and his descendants, the “chosen” aspect referred to the recipients of the Torah, and their duty to bring his word into the then pagan world which existed in 1312 BCE; to be a Holy nation and to be a light onto the world.

      The Brits reintroduced calling the area Palestine after displacing the Ottoman Empire. It should be noted that reference to the people living there as Palestinians is also a made up term. The arabs that lived there during that time often referred to themselves as Syrian, and considered themselves under rule of Damascus.

      That this land once belonged to the ancient Israelites is not disputed, nor should it be by revisionists of history. That this land was legally granted to the Jews of the world post World War I upon the carve up of the middle east by the English and French and the remaining Ottoman Empire is also not in dispute.

      However, arab intervention with the British would reduce the “Mandate” by 77% and create a 4th Hashemite kingdom originally called transjordan now Jordan. The area from the Jordan west to the Mediterranean was for the Jews, and the UN ratified this plan without changing any of the area first described in 1922. The proposals for a separate land for arabs has always been rejected by their leaders, all the way up through Arafat.

      Please add me to your members list. A fellow Israeli supporter in Woodland Hills.

  14. zvi on

    Include me in. I’m Zvi of NSW, Australia.

  15. Danny Kidron on

    Good on you. Sick of the apologists. Sick of the grovelers. Sick of the doomsayers. Time to say it straight: “Can’t mess with the Jews”.

    I have spread the Zstreet website to all my friends.

    Add me to your list.

    Sydney Australia.

  16. odeleya on

    Dear Lori,
    I was very inspired by your Zstreet charter and plans of action to break the silence amongst the Jewish diaspora of the bullying tactics that have pushed Israel into suicidal concessions.The time has come for all of us PRO ISRAEL activists to join together in ACHDUT(UNITY} and speak up on behalf of our Jewish Brethren in Israel. We must stop the insanity of the left and speak of the Biblical and legal rights of the Jewish people to claim ALL OF ISRAEL JEWISH. G-D gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish people to settle and no individual or government has any right to give any part away!Please e mail me how I can get in touch with you to further discuss additional programs and your scheduled rally . I wish you all much Hatzlacha and may all of us pro Israel Activists UNITE IN STRENGTH TO FIGHT THE INJUSTICE DONE TO OUR JEWISH BRETHREN.MAY WE ALL SUCCEED WITH G-D’s HELP!

  17. Terri on

    I want to join also…please show a place to join on your site ..I have many people who may want to join as well.
    Please show uw where we can sign up

  18. Beryl D on

    Kol haKavod! Of course I want to be a member

  19. Joseph on

    Please add my name to those who wish to join.

    When you post about fees, pls give a snail mail address (I belong to the dinosaurs who don’t do business online).

    Thnx, and good luck. Your response to the Judenrat of J-Street is most timely.


  20. George Violin on

    Boston,MA and Wellington FL

  21. Yigal on

    Lori..sign me up
    I am in Washington DC

  22. Adam Levick on

    Thanks Lori. One more quick question…I noticed that the “Zstreeters” section was password protected. How do you get a password? Or, is that section only for administrators?



    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      Once people are officially members I will email them with the password.

  23. Adam Levick on

    Congrats Lori, on Z Street! I’m a bit confused though…am I a member? I know I joined the facebook group…so does that make me a member. I not, how would I join?


    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      Everyone on the Facebook page is a member. That is the case because they had to ask to join before they could get on the Z STREET page. The folks on this site may not all want to be members but did want to check us out and have something to say. Of course, I can’t imagine why anyone who has positive things to say wouldn’t want to join because we are going to be amazing!

  24. Ariella on

    I would like to join. Be Ezrat HaShem we have to win, there is no other choice! Land of Israel is Jewish end of discussion!

  25. Ron on

    Gd bless you! Please let me know how to join you!!

  26. Joseph A. Cleary on

    Dear Friends:
    What you’re doing sounds great to me, as where I live I’m seen as a real radical, as I am a Zionist.
    Israel is for the Jews only no one else.
    As to the giving away of anything to some one else, not even one grain of sand, no way ever.
    Israel the land I really Love, truth.
    I pray that you should be well and have a good week, a Shavua Tov.
    Shalom, Shalom, Yosef

  27. Justin White on

    Good luck!

  28. Bart Goldstein on

    I want to join. The sick twisted cowardly lib jews are a halul HASHEM and will burn in gehinom

    We must destroy all of Israels enemies!

    Please contact me!!


    Dov Goldstein

  29. Steve Nemirov on

    Good Luck !
    How does one join, and what assistance do you need ?

    Toronto Canada

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      Great! You’ve already completed the necessary steps so you are a member. I hope you will submit your whopping $18 annual fee once I put up the info on how/where to send it, I am working on that right now.

      How did you hear about us?

  30. Yitzchak on

    But what do you actually DO for Israel. It is to enough to just write a blog.

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      Excellent question Yitzchak.

      Just writing a blog would be a passive form of support, albeit support just the same.

      Z STREET is already putting together an entire action plan which will include lots of different opportunities to convey our message and countermand the current misperceptions. We want to have a voice in as many communities as possible, we will have action events as often and in as many places as can be done with lots of planning and perfect execution – no slapdash events for us. That’s why our first major event is taking place several months from now – October 27th – what we hope will be a huge demonstration in front of the White House in which we will carry our message and get it out to the ignorant masses who are drinking the Kool-aid the “Palestinians” are handing out, Because we are unabashed we can grab the attention of those who speak in a more equivocal manner. This is not the time for meekness, this is the time for action because without it we are lost.

  31. Kimberly Phillips on

    Is there a way to join Z-Street? What is your Facebook page? Perhaps a link?

    I am the program director for AIFL (America-Israel Friendship League of Utah). Please let me know how I can help your efforts. I have met Roberta D on line and work with several pro-Zionist organizations.



    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      If you want to be a member, add a comment with your contact information, and also put in where you are located – not street addresses, just major nearby city – and I will enter you as a member. Those comments will never be posted, so, your contact information is never available to anyone other than me and Allyson. I will put this up as a separate post, so everyone can see it.

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      Fantastic!! Because you specifically asked to be a member you are already on the official roster.

      Any and every way you can help get out the word about us and share with Zionists out there what we are doing it will be a tremendous help. Please recommend that like-minded people join. With numbers comes strength.

      A scary thought, but I wonder if there are more Zionists in Utah than there are in Pennsylvania. Could be.

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