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INFO re membership, dues, Oct. 27th event, confidentiality, new pages, growth

Wow.  The response to Z STREET has been tremendous.  We thought there were a lot of like-minded folks out there whom we didn’t yet know and we were right.  In just the few days since the launch, thousands of people have visited this site and the Facebook page.

Your comments, recommendations, questions and criticisms are all taken seriously and we will be addressing them by incorporating many of the suggestions and by providing more tools with which we can communicate and together get out our message.

And here’s an update:  I spend the day in Washington, D.C. yesterday meeting with the National Parks Dept. about the logistics for our demonstration there on October 27th.  A logistics meeting?  I couldn’t understand why I had to go down there just to talk about who, what, where, when and why, but 25 minutes into the meeting I realized how many different rules and regulations there are.

I will create another page so that we can be, literally, on the same page with all the information so that our event goes off without a hitch.  I hope to get that up today.

– I will put up a new post to which people can respond if they wish to become members.  I can keep those requests private if you’d like.  I will also follow up with anyone who has posted supportive comments thus far but haven’t specifically indicated, and ask them if they want to be members.

– I also plan to create a new page for members only which will include info that we think would be best to keep only amongst committed friends.  As a former First Amendment lawyer I know how important transparency is, but as a Zionist advocate I also know how many people love to trash our cause and disrupt our efforts.

– The annual dues is $18.  Anything more is gratefully accepted (we have to pay for the stage, the sound system, the printed materials, possibly bus transportation, etc. for the Oct. 27th event), but dues entitles everyone to equal membership.

– The PayPal button can be found below, as well as a PayPal address for those who are uncomfortable putting their account info on the internet.  There is also a land mail address which I will provide to those who ask until it is officially posted.  A few questions about money conversion for dues has been raised and I will find out how best to handle that.

– We also will be putting up a post about how Z STREET is different from the other pro-Israel organizations, although many of you clearly grasped that.  But questions are being asked of us and you all should be able to provide a succinct answer as well.

– Another post will be put up that challenges language currently being used that supports the false “Palestinian” narrative, and provides alternatives.  When people are finished posting their comments there I will create a page comprised of our alternatives.

– A recommended reading list, with annotations, will be found on another page.

– We had a fabulous conference call culminating with plans for moving forward and I will post that information later today.

Thanks for coming to Z STREET. Please tell everyone you know whom you think embraces our principles that they should join.  There really is strength in numbers and right now the folks whose message is contrary to ours (i.e. those folks who don’t get that we are in an existential battle for the survival of Israel and think being a good Jew is criticizing Israel for allowing Jews to consume oxygen they think  should be reserved for the “Palestinians”) have the numbers, the money and the ears of the politicians in power. But we are defending our homeland and that provides the greatest strength of all.

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