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Atlas Shrugs  August 26, 2009

The new Jewish advocay group, Z Street, that puts all those dhimmi sell-out Jewish organizations to shame, has come out fighting for Rifqa Bary.

Thank G-d for Z Street. They are proud Jews like me, ashamed when American
Jewish organizations grovel at the feet of those planning the destruction of the Jewish state, the Jewish people.

Today Z Street issued this defense of Rifqa Bary:


On Thursday, September 3, Florida Circuit judge Daniel Dawson will decide whether a 17 year old girl can practice her chosen religion in a safe environment, or if she will be shipped back to her family where she faces imminent danger and possibly murder.

Z STREET, a new Zionist organization committed to opposing terrorism and oppressive Muslim law, stands behind this teenager and supports her decision to both choose her own religion and to choose freedom from harm, even – especially – from her own family.

Rifqa Bary chose to clandestinely practice Christianity approximately four years ago. She kept her religious choice private because she knew her parents, strict Muslims who attend a local mosque just outside of Columbus, Ohio, would never permit her to leave Islam. A former scholar at her parents’ radical mosque, a Hamas cleric, was eventually banned from the United States. Columbus is a suspected nucleus of al Qaeda activity in the United States.

Mosque members informed Rifqa’s parents about her Christianity. Bruises on her arms and other parental abuse – including death threats – led Rifqa to flee her home and run to the security of a church in Florida. While in Florida, Rifqa filed a legal petition to remain there and not be shipped back to Ohio.

Much of this story’s (relatively scarce) media attention has prominently mentioned that the church leader from whom Rifqa sought refuge is an evangelical Christian. Reverand Blake Lorenz was accused by Rifqa’s father of kidnapping and brainwashinghis daughter. Lorenz’s church has been called a “fringe cult.”

“The media’s willingness to publicize smears against conservative Christianity, while failing to focus on the centuries-long dictates of Islam which demands converts be killed and which honors those killers, usually family members, is appalling,” said Z STREET co-founder Lori Lowenthal Marcus.

The choice of the Florida court on September 3 is to allow Rifqa to freely and safely practice her chosen religion, or condemn her to return to her family who are strict adherents of a religion that officially considers it an honor for a family member to kill an apostate – someone who chooses a religion other than Islam.

Rifqa recognizes the immensity of the court’s decision: “I want to worship Jesus freely, that’s what I want. I don’t want to die.”

The press has largely ignored this life and death decision which pits Muslim parents against their teenage daughter who chose Christianity over Islam. Islam dictates the parents’ actions – let’s hope judicial sagacity and respect for human life guide the judge’s. And that the love of our country’s First Amendment and respect for International human rights guides the press.

Here’s a link to an August 24th interview about Z STREET with an Israeli radio station.

ng the Public’s Attitude Toward Z

Reclaiming the concept that Israel doesn’t have to apologize for being a Jewish state.

Pajamas Media

August 13, 2009

– by Lori Lowenthal Marcus


Israel is the Jewish state. Now there’s a revolutionary proposition. Of course, it’s not revolutionary at all — the UN recognized Israel that way in 1948. The idea of a safe homeland for the Jewish people, in the land of Israel — that’s Zionism.  But that idea has been effectively stolen and delegitimized by people peddling fashionable politics.

Z STREET, the new Zionist organization (See? Did you cringe a little at the use of the word Zionist? That’s what we need to fix.) was created to solve this problem.

First, let’s drill down to understand what’s happened.

As the world becomes more hostile to Israel, the Jews hostile to Israel play an increasingly larger role in the public debate.

I don’t call them self-hating Jews; that’s not what they are. I call them self-loving, not-too-Jewy Jews. You know, the self-important intellectuals and the well-moneyed, honey-tongued groupies currently whispering into the eager ears of the White House. They label themselves “pro-peace and pro-Israel.” But they don’t really care about protecting Israel from terrorism and extinction. What they really want is to avoid being embarrassed by Israel — embarrassed by a genuinely Jewish state (how parochial and intolerant!) and embarrassed by Israel doing the hard work of defending itself from terrorists (how brutal!). It’s not nice to win, or at least for Jews to win.

Their way of protecting themselves from that discomfort is by advocating a “peace process” that has never led and will never lead to peace in the Middle East. The same holds true for the non-Jews who call themselves pro-peace but are really just anti-Israel.

There are others who share our view. Scholars write books and articles. Advocates go to Washington attempting to forestall the latest demand by an American administration that Israel give up this particular security measure, or abandon that particular piece of land, or release this particular band of murderers, in the name of “peace.”

Sometimes a pro-Zionist letter to the editor gets printed or a handful of pro-Israel op-eds are published. But the current political fashion of “tolerance” has fooled or shamed too many into opposing the steps needed to create and defend a safe state for the Jews. And most mainstream media are too fashion-conscious to do anything other than dress themselves in the fashionable ideology. Careful explication of the factual and legal reality is a lot less sexy. A principled defense of the entire enterprise — the full-throated advocacy of Zionism, a safe state for the Jewish people in the land of Israel — is about as unfashionable as you can get.

Yes, you can, as some do, explain that Israel does not “occupy” territory, citing the legal requirement that the prior state had sovereignty over the land, which neither the Palestinians nor the Jordanians did. But who remembers that legal fine point the second after they hear or read it? And the obvious fact that the “West Bank” is only west if you are in Jordan doesn’t seem to penetrate. So the entire world condemns Israel for asserting control in parts of Israel — even if legally acquired — including in Jerusalem, and even if Muslims are permitted to live, work, and worship there freely (as of course they are).

How will Z STREET change the terms of the debate? First, we’re proud, not embarrassed, to advocate out loud the first principles of Zionism: Yes, a Jewish state! And second, our approach is devoted to changing the terms of the public debate. Our tools will include humor — more about that in the coming months — straight talk, and physical energy to imprint the facts we believe will make clear who is grounded in the historical, legal and moral side of the debate about Israel and which side is historically, legally and morally committed to peace and which side is not.

In practice, how will Z STREET do this? By firmly asserting our “three No’s”: No compromises. No negotiations. No concessions to terrorists. And we refuse to use the vocabulary of those who have delegitimized and stolen the Zionist idea. Words like “occupation,” “West Bank,” and “settlers” are weapons pointed at the heart of Zionism, not neutral instruments. The sooner people see that, the faster we’ll all attain clarity.

Instead, Z STREET uses accurate words and historical facts currently eschewed for fear of offending: that there never was an actual Palestinian state and Jews have an irrefutable centuries-long religious and historical attachment to Jerusalem while the Arab Palestinians have none. We must say frankly that all Arab Palestinian party leaders — the moderate terrorists in neckties and the nasty ones in kaffiyehs — endorse terrorism. Not nice? What’s not nice –  the language or the facts? Until the terms of the debate and the strategy for changing those terms are employed, the world will continue to abuse Israel.

The time is now and Z STREET, using straight talk, physical energy, and humor, is the vehicle to sweep aside years of mind control successfully practiced by the anti-Israel crowd.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the co-founder of Z STREET.


The [American] policy implications are profound and the time is now,’ declares new Zionist group Z STREET

Canada Jewish Tribune

Written by Atara Beck

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

TORONTO-PHILADELPHIA-LOS ANGELES – By choosing the name Z Street, its founders have made sure that those who follow American-Jewish and Middle East politics know exactly what this new Zionist organization does not stand for.

In a telephone conversation with the Jewish Tribune, co-founders Lori Lowenthal Marcus of Philadelphia and Allyson Rowen Taylor of Los Angeles discussed their motivation to create Z Street, which, among other principles, will defend the right of the Jewish people to live freely anywhere, including Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem.

This is in sharp contrast to activist American-Jewish leftist organization J Street, which has been strongly supporting US President Barack Obama’s policies concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict, in contrast to the elected Israeli government.

The day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy address in June, for example, J Street Executive Director Jeremy Ben Ami expressed “regret” for the Israeli leader’s “failure to acknowledge Israel’s commitment to a full settlement freeze on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem,” including natural growth.

Other Z Street principles include: renewing pride in the terms ‘Jewish state’ and ‘Zionism’; circulation of facts, rather than “deceptive ‘Palestinian’ narratives, and categorical rejection of agreements with, or concessions to, terrorists or their supporters who are dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

When the Jewish Tribune interviewed Marcus and Taylor, Z Street had been launched less than two weeks earlier and already had more than 16,000 hits on its web site at

“I’m very, very nervous about Iran,” declared Marcus, who worries about the new American administration’s overtures to anti-Western leaders. “Evil smells weakness. And [Iranian leader] Ahmadinejad and [North Korean dictator] Kim Jong-il are evil.”

“Hitler said he was going to kill the Jews,” Taylor said. “Today Ahmadinejad says the same thing. What is it that people don’t get? I don’t want to be part of the silent majority. We have Holocaust museums, people talk about it, but somehow we’re still in denial.”

Inspiration to take emergency action came from the WWII era’s Bergson Group, a “band of warriors, led by Peter Bergson and Ben Hecht, [who] staged marches, rallies and theatre events,” according to Z Street’s web site. “They refused to mimic the [mainstream] Jewish leaders who shrank from their moral duty to demand the US government face the irrefutable facts of the [Nazi] plans, and then the execution of those plans, to murder millions. It would be an honour for Z Street to be compared to the Bergson Group…. The [present] policy implications are profound and the time is now.”

[The American Jewish establishment vilified the Bergsonites and thwarted their rescue efforts. For instance, when they organized a rabbis’ march to Washington to demand that US President Franklin D. Roosevelt act to save the Jews of Europe, Rabbi Stephen Wise, who was close to FDR, urged him to ignore the “horde.”]

“When people ask why a new organization, I say we’re not doing anything that the Bergson Group didn’t do before,” Marcus said, adding that she would work together with other groups that share a similar vision, such as Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI) and Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), although the tactics might differ.

“Many people agree with me on the position they take, but they can’t remember the facts and defend it,” said Marcus, a lawyer and journalist. “They feel it in their hearts, but that isn’t enough. One of our main strategies is to fight with facts. We plan to have comedians as well. Humour has a way of helping people remember the facts.

“People have just been pouring in with comments of support and wanting to join. We have members in South America, Spain…so many in Australia. Even Gibraltar. Some have said they’re happy we’re mentioning the Bergson Group. They say they’ve been waiting for that to happen.”

Canadians are included among those who have joined Z Street. Its founders said they would be eager to speak to a Toronto audience and meet local activists to discuss new ideas.

“I had seen the play The Accomplice [about the Bergson Group] in LA and for me, that was the catalyst,” Taylor said. “The fact that groups supporting Obama’s foreign policy, with respect to Israel, are upset shows we’re having an impact,” she added, referring to statements they issued recently.

Friday, 7 August 2009

American Jewish Rift with Obama on Israel may create a new Coalition

New English Review

By Jerry Gordon

A few weeks ago, the ‘warrior rabbi’ Jon Hausman went to a Dick Morris presentation in Hyannis on Cape Cod. Morris indicated that a survey of American Jewish opinion about Israel issues and Obama was in the works.  Today’s New York Post has an article by Morris and Eileen McGann “Where Bam Breaks with Jewish Dems.” The Morris McGann piece detailed the findings of a poll sponsored by Jim and Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) conducted during late July.

Jewish Democrats strongly agree with the Israeli position and disagree with President Obama’s on issues such as a Palestinian state, settlement construction and trading land for peace. Does the president realize he’s at risk of a break with an important part of his base?

A phone survey (sponsored by the Traditional Values Coalition and conducted by Global Marketing Research Services on July 22-24) of 500 American Jews who self-identified as Democrats exposes broad disagreement with Obama’s Middle East policies.

The Laffertys have been in the forefront of the Anti-Jihad movement. They were able colleagues on last year’s protest at the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) in Alexandria, Virginia. That protest was over revelations about Saudi Education Ministry hate texts used at the ISA. These controversial texts have been evaluated by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom spearheaded by Nina Shea, a Commissioner and senior staff member of the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC. More recently, Jim Lafferty was the official spokesperson and organizer of the protest over expansion of the ISA in the Pope’s Head section of Fairfax County, Virginia and the recent contested vote by the County Board of Supervisors.  He led a coalition called Virginians Against Sharia Task Force that aroused the community into action. We have written about the ISA and the exploits of the Laffertys and the ISA protests here and here on the NER.

I spoke with Jim and Andrea Lafferty this morning about possible collaboration with a new group, Z Street. The Laffertys are self-identified Christian Zionists and experienced Washington hands. They were enthused about a working coalition of evangelicals and Jewish Zionists because their national network of pastors have concerns that the alienation of Israel could also mean problems for the future of America.  There could be a useful overlap between these two groups, Christian and Jewish Zionists, among Christians who have already signed up for Z Street.

Jim Lafferty noted what motivated the commission of the poll and the sentiments of Morris:

Several months ago I took part in a panel discussion on “The Threat of Radical Islam” and discovered that in a very crowded synagogue in Maryland I (an Irish Catholic) was the only Zionist.

We see the Evangelical/Jewish coalition as absolutely essential in the war
against radical Islam (some think that term is redundant). We wanted to take a
long look at Jewish American attitudes and then begin an initiative to strengthen and expand the coalition.

We have talked with Dick Morris (a key player in this poll) and others who recognize the political utility of a strong coalition like this.

Today’s New York Post article by Morris and McGann will be followed with a press release providing more details about the TVC survey. Watch for further news about it and also about a possible emerging coalition of the willing to combat “progressive” American Jews who are selling out Israel. A further aim is to educate Jews about the existential threats of Sharia and “Stealth Jihad” in America.

Kol Hakavod (All Honors) to Dick Morris and the Laffertys. A new ‘morning in America” may be about to dawn.

The American Thinker
August 02, 2009

Z street

By Lori Lowenthal Marcus
There is a chilling scene in the 2002 movie “The Pianist.”  In it the train was already chugging along on the path to insanity and destruction, but before all was destroyed.  The family of the protagonist has been moved into the Warsaw Ghetto and the head of the family is sitting at a table, reading a newspaper.  He looks up and says, “I blame the American Jews.”

He was talking to me.
At least, that’s how I heard it.  I resolved then not to be our time’s analog of a World War II American Jew — you know, the ones who read the newspapers, see what is happening to Israel, mutter “tsk, tsk” and turn the page.
Others have had similar epiphanies, but the light from our bulbs going off is obscured by the clouds of appeasement and apologies, dressed up as tolerance and even-handedness.
For several years we have agonized over the gathering storm of hostility towards Israel, and the organizational human shields which eagerly validate those positions.  Finally we decided that action – an immediate, decisive, in-your-face facts war, was imperative.  Allyson Rowen Taylor and I spent a few hours on the phone and created Z (Zionist) Street.
Z STREET is based on these ironclad positions:
The right of the Jewish people to a state, and the right of Jews to live freely anywhere, including inhaling oxygen in areas the world insists are reserved for Arab Palestinians;
Relishing the terms “Jewish State” and “Zionism” – ones currently derided as shameful instead of sources of pride;
Circulation of facts — not deceptive “Palestinian” narratives — about the Middle East, Israel and terrorism;
Condemnation of those who revile Israel for actions they ignore when taken by Israel’s enemies and virtually all states throughout history;
Categorical rejection of agreements with, or concessions to, terrorists (or their supporters) who are dedicated to Israel’s destruction.
Unlike other organizations that claim to be pro-Israel, Z STREET will not pander to politicians who invite us to their offices and pay attention to our pocketbooks but ignore our positions.  For those who do not embrace our principles, there are plenty of other organizations to join. This catalyzing organization seeks to change the way discussions about Israel are crafted and viewed.
A fuel source previously untapped has been released: within days of the launch  thousands clamored to our site, asking how to join and how they can help.  Z STREET already includes members from five continents and more than twenty states.  News articles are being written about Z STREET from the far right and the center, and we have been viciously denigrated and cartooned from the far left – all of which is gratifying.
The rising groundswell is in part a response to organizations whispering into the ear of this US administration that pervert the meaning of “pro-Israel.” Their ultimate loyalty is to left-wing principles including a secular Israel and tolerance of terrorism only when directed at Jews.  They are ashamed of an avowedly Jewish State, yet completely comfortable with 22 Muslim ones, and are actively seeking the creation of a 23rd, based in Jerusalem, whose governing documents call for the destruction of Israel.
The idea that weakening Israel, either because of ideological conviction, animosity towards a strong Jewish State, cowardice, or the grossly misguided belief that compromise or dialoging with committed terrorists will lead to Middle East or global peace, is obscene.
A very few World War II Jews acted as catalysts for those who refused to be cowed.  They adamantly, sometimes theatrically, demanded action to prevent the incineration of millions of Europeans Jews, along with millions of members of other minority and political groups.
This band of warriors, led by Peter Bergson and Ben Hecht, staged marches, rallies and theater events.  They refused to mimic the Jewish leaders who shrank from their moral duty to demand the US government face the irrefutable facts of the plans, and then the execution of those plans, to murder millions.  It would be an honor for Z STREET to be compared to the Bergson Group.  Others should join so that the present horrors, and worse, are prevented.  The policy implications are profound and the time is now.
I sleep better knowing that when my grandchildren ask me what I did to help prevent the destruction of Israel, I can tell them about Z STREET with a clear conscience and a sense of pride.  What will you say?
Lori Lowenthal Marcus is a Z Street co-founder.

Page Printed from: at August 02, 2009 – 07:14:32 AM EDT


Radical Leftists, Neo-Nazis, and other “Anti-Zionists” in a Tizzy Over the Launching of Z Street

July 26, 2009 in Israel and Zionism


Man, I love it when “progressives,” neo-Nazis, and other assorted “anti-Zionists” go crazy. And nothing is more certain to rile up and unite the Stephen Lendmans, Richard Silversteins, and National Alliance cretins of the world–and I should not leave out those wacky 9-11 Truthers–than when the Jewish people stand up for their identity and homeland.

This is the case with a new organization called Z Street. I blogged about J Street a few days ago and just learned this morning about Z Street which has emerged to take the ideological struggle to college campuses and communities across the U.S. They are planning a major rally in Washington, DC, to coincide with the J Street’s first annual meeting (October 27, 2009).

Arutz Sheva reports:

A new Zionist organization declaring support for Jewish communities in all parts of the Land of Israel and opposition to negotiations with terrorists was formally launched last week. The group, going by the name Z Street, intends to “serve as an educational force” and “a proud banner” behind which Zionists can rally, according to its founding documents. The group’s founders believe the current period is a “time of great danger to the Jewish State of Israel and, increasingly, to world Jewry,” warranting the establishment of a new, unabashedly Zionist advocacy group.

“We need to show everyone that it isn’t only those on the left who know how to organize,” said Lori Lowenthal Marcus, a long-time Zionist activist and, with Allyson Rowen Taylor, a Z Street founder. Her point of reference, and the inspiration for the name Z Street, was the well-known Jewish-American far-left advocacy group J Street and its associated Capitol Hill political action committee.

J Street calls itself “the political arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement,” while promoting demands for Israeli territorial concessions and multilateralism.

In contrast, in her inaugural blog post on behalf of Z Street, Marcus declared: “No more appeasement, no more negotiating with terrorists, no more enabling cowards who fear offending more than they fear another Holocaust. Z Street is for those who are willing not only to support – but to defend – Israel, the Jewish State.” Members hold the “firm belief that there can be no compromises or agreements with, and no concessions to, any terrorist entity or any individual terrorists.”

One question I have is how will Z Street differentiate itself from the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) and other right-leaning Zionist organizations as well as non-partisan groups like AIPAC? Is Z Street seeking to reach out to younger folks than these two organizations or is its primary goal as a counter-lobby to J Street? If it is the former, I wish them much success. If it is the latter, I think AIPAC has done a good job for Israel thus far and that time, energy and resources would be better spent on AIPAC than creating a new organization.

Read more:

Atlas Shrugs



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  1. David Beck on

    Congratulations again Z STREET.
    There is a lot of excitement, passion and emotion regarding the Z STREET interest in combating all the hatred and garbage constantly bombarding Israel and it’s supporters.

    GOOD, SMART,FACTUAL AND QUICK ‘RESPONSES’ SHOULD BE THE COUNTER’BY THE Z STREET ‘STALKING TEAM’ OF ALL THE MISINFORMATION BEING THROWN OUT THERE TO THE ‘GULLABLES’ (AND THEY ARE MANY!)mindlessly following the taditional Democratic party, who proves daily to be silent (even vocal) enemies of the Jewish people.

    Good luck Z STREET!

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