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2. Send a check made out to Z STREET to:


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Merion Station , PA  19066

We are going to make a difference, recasting the mold from appeasement and apologies to strength and conviction.  Help us build our base,  Chazak!


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  1. JERRY G on

    Finally a real Zionist org. Never apologize for being a Zionist or Jew. We have returned to our historical homeland. The Islamofacists will never win, while we have a strong IDF and a united Jewry. This org. must grow. We will be heard, and we will do what is best for our people. It is the Israelis who are propping up the US dollar with their huge dollar reserve. The Israeli economy is booming. The recession has been finished at least 6 months. Be proud to be a Jew, and don’t let the Jewish self haters lefties get you down. The right is might. All of greater Israel is ours. It is the Arabs who are occupying our lands.

  2. Alan L on

    willing to mail in a check

  3. Lenny K on

    I met Rabbi Jon Hausman on the 2009 Alyn Hospital charity bicycle ride in Israel. He told me all about ZStreet and I’m in! It sounds like a great organization and I would like to be a part of it.

  4. Henry F on

    Hi, Keep up the good work.

  5. Marilyn G on

    Originally I heard of Z St from Naomi Ragen but more recently from like-minded friends who are pro-Israel and concerned about the harm being done by the J Street cohorts. We are in Davis, California.

  6. Constantin K on


    My name is Constantin K.
    I’d like to join. I am from Berlin, Germany.
    I heard about you through Israel National News.
    Please do not post my last name.


  7. Judy on

    Sign me up!

    Also, may I suggest that you re-work this page to make it easier to join. It took a lot of “scrolling down”

    Thanks for your hard work on behalf of Israel!

  8. robert r on

    Count me in!

  9. Arlene K on

    I actually tried to join Z Street too early — before the system was set up. And then, alas, I let it slide, until now. But it’s a new year, and we have many battles to fight. Well, do I know, as I myself am in the thick of those battles.

    I congratulate Z Street on its growth (may it continue)and may it be a dynamic force on behalf of Israel.

    Arlene Kushner

  10. Cathy B on

    I want to join

  11. Naomi V on

    I live In Princeton NJ and NYC. I heard about your organization from Naomi Regan and others. I am a member of AIPAC, AJC and JNF. I am embarrassed to report that J-Street spoke at my temple and invited their mailing list without permission. Their guests included churches who divested from Israel. People do not realize who gives them money and that they speak for Palestinian gatherings. I cannot believe how many American Jews find it necessary to criticize Israel. The whole world and UN does a great job of blaming the whole world’s problems on Israel, without our own people contributing. I could go on and on.

  12. Leslie B on

    I want to join for all the reasons mentioned above in all the replies, and more. I am a working member of AIPAC and wish all American Jews would also join AIPAC as we are very effective in working with congress for Israel. However, it seems to me that your focus is a bit different so I want to support whatever organizations work for Israeli survival and for Israel to not just survive but to thrive, as it is doing beautifully in the face of a world that hates it and us.

  13. Jim P on

    American Jews need to stop drinking the left liberal socialist Kool-Aid, especially the Obama re-formulated Saul Alinsky Kool-Aid. We need to understand that Obama & Co have shoved us and Israel under the bus. We need to counter the Court Jews and J Street.

  14. Diane B & Joel P on

    Kol HaKavod & yasher koach to you.
    We are pleased to join Z street as there appears to be a
    concerted effort on the part of many Jews to Israel-bash.
    It is even possible to disagree with political actions in
    Israel without loosing the overall message that Israel’s well-being is essential and we must support HaEretz. We need Israel as much as Israel needs us, especially in today’s climate of fashionable antisemitism, which is expressed as anti-Israel rhetoric.

  15. odeleya on


  16. odeleya on


  17. Myra M on

    Kol Hakavod!

    e-mail from Naomi Ragen

  18. Abigail Hirsch on

    Dear z-streeters

    August 23, 2009 there was an amazing conference in Montreal put on by CIJR (Canadian Institute for Jewish Research) based at Concordia U. The subject was “Taking Back the Campus”.
    I videotaped it and have been reviewing the footage.
    We need to take back our narrative and expose the Middle Eastern money that has flooded Middle Eastern Studies departments over the last twenty years.
    CIJR puts out a daily newsletter on Israel issues called Israfax. Check it out and sign up you z-streeters.

    I smell a rat with this j-street.
    I received a note from them today about j-street

    From: “Tammy Shapiro, J Street U”
    “J- street goes to college”

    recruiting college students. I hope you are onto them and countering with your own internet recruitment.

    let me know how I can help.

    Abigail Hirsch
    Founder & Film Producer – AskAbigail Productions
    Founder & President – The Shalom Foundation for Healing in Community


  19. Yael on

    Finally, an organization that tells it like it is. I’m disturbed by the increasing propensity among Jews to place blame on Israel. I’ll join Z-Street and proudly.

  20. Boaz R on


    I would like to join.

    Thank you.

  21. Beverly P on

    I would like to join Z Street, I am tired of all the anti semitic trash on the news and in the paper.
    I would like to stand up for Israel in any way that I can.
    The evil in the world against them is truly satanic.

  22. Ron H on

    I read the article by Lori Lowenthal Marcus, forwarded by the Israeli organization, Women in Green. I think it appeared in American Thinker. Her words resonated with me and made me realize I need to be more proactive in my defense of our Israel. Count me in! Let me know how I can help. Thanks.

  23. David Z on

    Please add me to the growing Z-Street membership roster – I
    first heard of Z-Street courtesy of “Atlas Shrugs”. It is quite refreshing to find a pro-Israel organization that IS

    David J. Ziskin
    Culver City, CA
    (Next to Los Angeles)

  24. Rick K on

    I am glad to see an organization that is not afraid to stand up to our enemies. So many Jewish groups do not want to offend Jew-haters and are willing to agree that we should be the only people on Earth that can be excluded from living is certain places. These same groups would be screaming if those demands were made of another people.

    Count me in! I am sending a check by snail mail.

    Rick K
    East Windsor, NJ

  25. courtney g on

    I would like to join, live in nyc, heard about it through naomi ragen’s site.

  26. Michael L on

    I think this organization is great idea! However, the name is big mistake. You shouldn’t play off the name of a left wing group. It makes you seem reactive. You need to think up a name based on the goals of the organization or perhaps something that plays off the goals of the organization. I suggest having a contest to name the organization!

  27. Mark T on

    I was very excited to hear about Z Street, and I’m very happy to join. It is about time.

  28. Peggy S on

    I just sent the donation through paypal under Wayne Stoler at But I want to get any emails sent to me at my account which is listed above. Read about you at American Thinker and this American Thinker is liking it!

    Peggy Stoler

  29. David M on

    I defintiely want to join. I am sick of all the other so called pro-Israel organizations selling us out.

  30. Bernard C on

    I stand with this group. I do not remember where I found out about Z Street.

  31. Irwin S on

    want to join

  32. John A on

    You came to the aid of Rifqa Bary….That’s why I’m here. I saw it first on Atlas Shrugs after I donated $100.00 to her defense. You are true heroes and human beings to help her.

  33. linda h on

    i would like to join z street, i am so impressed with the work you do bringing the truth to light. thank you so much.

  34. Rita on

    I would like to join. Read about your site in Atlas Shrugs.

  35. Zoltan E on

    I have heard about you in Atlas Shrugs. Jews have received the territory of Israel from G-d, it belongs to them.

  36. joel r on

    i am sick and tired of hearing the anti semetic crap in the enwspapers and over the net. Just today i read an article on that dirtbag tutu, comparing israel to south africa.

    this tutu is comparing israel to south africa

    and what is so terrible is thatr to the uninformed individual or the guilt ridden jew he come across as a very learned peaceful, and human kind loving man. He then makes the claim that he believes in the torah to somehow say that what israel is doing is against our holy book.

    He says that the palestinians are paying for the crimes of the germans. Yet how can this be ? the persuit of the creation of israel started well befopre the holocaust, at a time when the jews of the land refered to themselves as palestinians.

    That would possible some how make slight sense providing a number of conditions were met. Firstly, that the palestinians had no involvement in ww2. The truth is that the mufti was a good friend of hitler, and wanted to bring concentration camps to israel. Furthermore, he led to the deaths of thousands of jews by sending ships away from israel and forming the boznian SS.

    He was the palestinians spiritual leader , his photograph was present on the office wall of yassir arafat. His biagrapher even stated how he embodied the spirit of the palestinians and was supported by the overwhelming majority of the arabs.

    the second condition that would have had to take place for tutuu`s vicious and uneducated notion, is that the arabs were uprooted and all was given to the jews , this is false as there was an attempted partition.

    finally his assertion that the palestinian so called activists remind him of ghandi (who by the way was another fraud). The only problem is these so called activists if given the opportunity would blow themselves up killing innocent israelis.

    The truth is obviously the arabs cant be taken into account for the attrocities of ww2 but the overwhelming support for the despicable mufti does show that they supoorted the finals solution, now when you are on the loosing side of a world war you loose. But they are bad loosers and they then attempted to commit mass genocide to all jews in israel. Time and time again, in my book when you loose you loose. If one looks at history what tutuu is really saying is the jews are wrong the arabs are right. Moreover the arabs may starta s many wars of genocide as they want until they get what they want.

    In other words its another fraud

    im sick of this and after hearing your backing rifqua barry i wanted to just join and show my support

  37. Jerome J B on

    Great! I’m a believer. I received your info from a good friend in San Antonio Texas. I live with my family in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis St Paul. Count me in. I do want to say that I think AIPAC is a great and important organization as well. I also follow and belong to Honest Reporting. Each has it’s place and there is no point in attacking like thinking Brethren. Jerry B

  38. jeffrey g on

    want to join

  39. Ilana on

    I want to join!

  40. Michael B on

    I would like to join Z street.

  41. Jack Shattuck on

    I live in northern Delaware, one half-hour from central Philly, so I heard via Lori and members of the Philly ZOA. Can’t imagine why any self-respecting Jew would not give 110% support to Z Street (I’ve already joined via mail to California). I run a Jewish Delaware website, whereby you can reach me, and I spent several years at rabbinical seminary, and I get my news from numerous RSS feeds. Give it your all, gang, and keep up the Letters to the MSM re the truth about Eretz Yisrael and the Zionist cause.

  42. RabJayG on

    Information for joining:

    Far Rockaway, NY

    Received an e-mail about you. I am in the same camp as you.

  43. Richard R on

    I want to join Z Street. I support Israel as a strong and independent Jewish state. I live in Pacific Grove, California 93950. I heard about Z Street from Pamela Geller, ATLASS SHRUGS.

  44. Richard R on

    I want to stand with a free and independent Israel not subject to the dictate of Obama and his minions.

  45. Dale M on

    I am in Wichita KS ad I am joining to counter the self hating stupidity of J-Street. I heard about you ont he Naomi Ragan site.

  46. Joseph V on

    I would like to become a member, and sending check.
    For 42 years I had lived in Soviet Union and I really know (its in my blood) what socialism means – government tyranny, antisemitism, general poverty. Now, for almost 20 years I have been living in USA and I see that many American Jews do not understand this (or do not want to understand!). They fight for the rights of everybody (especially for the rights of antisemites) and everything (cats,dogs,frogs,chicken,…) on the Earth, but not for Israel. Even sometimes I am very critical of the governments of Israel (especially leftists), I always stand for the Jewish State of Israel.

  47. Alan G on

    I,m in. It’s about time!!!

  48. Monty P on

    Wish to receive your mail.

  49. Carl S on

    I’ve written many talkbacks, blog comments, etc. over the years in Israel’s defense. Heard of you on the grapevine. I’m sold. Z Street is a perfect, much-needed response to the likes of J Street. Sign me up, please.

  50. Bobbie M on

    I am delighted to see that at last like minded people are doing something positive for Israel!
    I am happy to join Z Street. I heard about your program from Lori and others andill send Lori’s letter to others.
    Bobbie M from Philadelphia suburbs

  51. Mireille W on

    Count me in. Good and important work Allyson. I’m proud to be your friend and your supporter. You and Lori have recharged the Zionist spirit. Chazak

  52. Susi A on

    I am proud to join Z street. If we join together and hold strong good will triumph over evil. I heard of this site from Naomi Ragen and live in Chicago, until I make my home in Jerusalem, Israel.

  53. Moishe W on

    i would like to join

  54. Charles J. H, MD on

    Pleas include me on your memebership list.

  55. Bruce G on

    I would like to join Z Street. I can’t remember exactly what caused me to get an email with a link to the Z Street web page, but as a past member of the Republican Jewish Coalition (I can’t afford the dues now!), and as one who regularly reads Daniel Pipes’s column and probably a half-dozen other reliably Zionist-leaning e-newsletters, it’s not hard to imagine how my email address would have been picked up by whoever sent me the introduction to Z Street. About two days ago I also joined Zionist Organization of America. I am very committed to the future of both the Jewish state of Israel and Jewish culture and thought — the latter has served the world rather well over the last two millenia, don’t you think?

  56. Vicki G on

    I want to join Z street. Please sign me up.
    I live in Southern California.
    Heard about you from a friend.

  57. SenatorMark4 on

    I need to be a member for sure. I heard about you on ‘Atlas Shrugs’. It is time that there was an organization that supported Israel without ANY reservations! Good luck!!!

  58. Michael S on

    I’d like to Join Z Street.

  59. Saul W on

    As former mayor of NYC Edward Koch said about “Race Against Death”, the obstructionist behavior of American Jews during the Holocaust- “..It should be read by those who would be armed with the truth to fight repeating the same infamous past. That “crimson plague” that infects so many Jews around the world has to be highlighted and studied to find some antidote.

  60. John H on

    would like to help you fight agaist J Street.
    read about you on Atlas Shrugged

  61. Roger Mayo on


    J Street’s Moslem, Arab Donors are Revealed
    Av 24, 5769, 14 August 09 02:15by Hillel Fendel( The J Street political action committee, which bills itself as pro-Israel and pro-peace, has received tens of thousands of dollars in donations from dozens of Arab and Muslim Americans, as well as from individuals connected to Palestinian and Iranian-advocacy groups, according to U.S. Federal Election Commission filings.

    In addition, the Jerusalem Post reported, at least two State Department officials connected to Middle East issues have donated to J Street, which pushes for the two-state solution and for more U.S. involvement in resolving the Middle East conflict.

    Instead of recognizing that J Street’s Arab donors imply that J Street is not pro-Israel, director Jeremy Ben-Ami jumped to the opposite conclusion: “I think it is a terrific thing… to be able to expand the tent of people who are willing to be considered pro-Israel and willing to support Israel through J Street,” he told the Post. He estimated that Arab and Muslim donors comprise at most 3% of the young organization’s contributors.

    Attaching “Pro-Israel” to its Statements Doesn’t Make it Pro-Israel
    Ed Lasky, writing for American Thinker, however, writes that “astute observers have been skeptical that J Street’s claim to be pro-Israel is legitimate.” He cites in this regard Noah Pollak’s recent article in Commentary Magazine, in which Pollak wrote that J Street “seeks to make its advocacy mainstream by re-branding [old Oslo Accord] policies… as moderate, thus effectively labeling the Jewish mainstream as right-wing and self-destructive. The first step in this re-branding process is the fastidious attachment of the phrase ‘pro-Israel’ to describe almost every statement that J Street makes. Professions of deep concern for Israeli security can be found in virtually all the group’s statements, despite J Street’s rejection of the security consensus of the Israeli government on most matters.”

    Lasky also writes that J Street “has worked to have Congressmen sign onto letters that have raised hackles among many in the pro-Israel community,” and that it has links to anti-Israel billionaire George Soros.

    Similarly, Lenny Ben-David, a former Israeli diplomat and staffer for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), told the Post that the number of Arab and Muslim donors “raises questions as to [J Street’s] banner that they’re a pro-Israel organization. Why would people who are not known to be pro-Israel give money to this organization?”

    The Federal Election Commission report, as analyzed by the Post’s Hilary Leila Krieger, shows that among the donors to J Street are Lebanese-American businessman Richard Abdoo, a former board member of the Arab American Institute; Genevieve Lynch, a member of the National Iranian American Council board; Nancy Dutton, an attorney who once represented the Saudi Embassy in Washington; leaders of Muslim student groups, Saudi- and Iranian-born Americans, and Palestinian- and Arab-American businessmen who also give to Arab-oriented PACs.

    “This is one more indication,” concludes Lasky, “that J Street should be looked upon warily and with a great deal of skepticism when it tries to pass itself off as being a supporter of strong American-Israel ties.”© Copyright
    Subscribe to the free Daily Israel Report –

  62. ida t on

    I reside in Toronto and learned about your website from the Jewish Tribune. After reading about you I would like to become a member.

    Please let me know what the process is?



  63. Elenor C on

    Please sign me up

  64. Eleanor D. on

    Thank you for this effort. Note my company acronym stands for Am Yisroel Chai.

  65. Ellen Z on

    Please sign me up as a member of Z Street. Kudos on creating this important organization.

  66. Benjamin S. K on

    I would like to become a member

  67. Benjamin S. K on

    I would like to become a member.

  68. Yossi W on

    Please add me to your membership list. I heard about you from Naomi Reagan and the Jrewish Tribune (Bnai Brith Canada)
    Yossi W. Thornhill Ontario Canada

  69. Kenneth H. R on

    History has proven time and again that when the Jewish people stick together and follow G-d’s commandments and love one another and stop apologizing to the world for being Jewish, then nobody can destroy us!

  70. Carolyn M on

    I would like to join Z Street. I sent a check for $18.00 on August 4th promising an e-mail to follow and then life took a turn requiring all my attention for a short while. So, here it is. I am a Jew by choice. (this is to answer any question about my name). I live in Middletown, NY a small city about 65 miles northwest of NYC. I stand with Israel and havesince I was a small child.

    Carolyn Murphy

  71. Erez Zion on

    would love to become a member. Please add me.

    Erez Zion

    Central, Hong Kong

  72. Edwin M R on

    Shalom aleichem ,as a proud jew I will support the state of Israel no matter what

  73. Alec S on

    Herzl said if you will believe it will come about.

    Kol Yisreol Chaverim

  74. trudy m on

    I have 4 grandchildren living in Israel and am thrilled to see a group emerging that speaks to me as a strong defender of that valiant nation.


  75. Gail R on

    Kol Ha’Kvod L’chem!!!
    All the power to you all…………….from a beleaguered lover of Israel from the anti-Israel denizens of Northern California…Hey, have you heard, it is not “in” to support Israel!

  76. Marty W on

    New Hampshire

    sign me up as a member

  77. Peter G Gross on

    I suggest that in the Z-street charter, article VIII,the word “second genocide” be replaced with “another genocide” in view of the genocides preceding the Shoah. Genocide is accurately defined as the killing of all men, women and children in a geographic area.

  78. susan k on

    Welcome. Its about time we had a pro Israel
    organization instead of all the left wing Israel hating Jews. Will be happy to join.Susan K. Boston arel

  79. nora w. on


    Great initiative. Please sign me up. We really need strong defenders who have Israel’s best interests at heart. J- street founders and members should be ashamed of their hatred of Israel and their destructive tendancies.

    I’m proud to stand with you.

    Nora Wizenberg, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

  80. janet t on

    Count me in!

    Janet T.

  81. Izzy C on

    PROUD to be a ZIONIST!

  82. Bev M on

    Hi, I am from Johannesburg, and would like to join,



  83. Mery C on

    Yes, i would like to join, it is about time to defend the innumerable injustices and distortions committed by the world. We have our own website which presents very interesting articles on behalf of Israel.

  84. Mery C on

    Yes, i would like to join, it is about time to defend the innumerable injustices and distortions committed by the world.

  85. HARRY W on

    BESIDE THE zoa

  86. lori h g on

    I want to join Z Street. At age 80, I still remember it all…I live in both Fort Lauderdale,FL. and in Falls Church,Va (20 minutes from DC and the Capitol

  87. Solomon D M on

    Lori Lowenthal Marcus, I read your piece in this week’s Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.

    Bravo and Amen!

  88. Mike L on

    We ALL need to Stand up for Israel.

  89. William H on

    I heard of you through Naomi Ragen. I believe that the Jewish people in the United States have been hoodwinked by the left and continuously lied to. We need to launch a campaign to educate them. I would like to join Z Street.

  90. DocA on

    I want to join and receive info regularly.
    To what address can I send a check?

  91. Alex I on

    I join. It’s the first step toward moving to Israel all together 🙂

  92. Mery C on

    It is about time that we start fighting those self-hating Jews who are intent on destroying our Land of Israel and our biblical destiny.

  93. Wallace L C on

    Z Street: I would like to join. Your Charter reflects my opinion and I am thankful that another group with courage and moral clarity has entered the struggle — in a world of political correctness and compromise such dedication is rare but precious. I heard of your group via an email from Women in Green. G-d bless and strengthen you for battle. Wallace L C,

  94. Joseph David Rapaport on

    The solution is Israel’s and the Jewish peoples problems
    begin and end in the Holy Land. The state of Israel was given to the Jewish people by God and it is up to the jews
    in Israel to understand this and to implement the ramifications of that fact. Until Jewish Israelis can send
    this message loud and clear without ambiguity and apologetics the rest of the world including diaspora jews
    wont get it. Israeli needs to install genuine “Jewish
    Leadership”. Moshe Feiglin is the only hope at the present

    • smokefire on

      First comment here for me.

    • Linda C on

      I agree that Israel was given to the Jews by G-d. I don’t feel any Jew is more responsible than any other Jew. We all need to participate if we are going to succeed. G-d will supply correct leadership when we take the first step. Just joining this group is a step in the right direction. We need to continue to be involved as Jews; whether in the diaspora or in the Holy Land.

  95. Moshe B on

    Kol ha-Kavod from Israel — much more than just a “state”, it’s our one and only NATION and COUNTRY!

    Thanks to Naomi Ragen and Women in Green for the great news about Z STREET, with special thanks to Lori Lowenthal Marcus. Count me in.

    Moshe Brody
    Kfar Sava, Israel

  96. Charles R. on

    Way to go girls! It’s about time we all start getting our act together! I’m all in!

  97. Jean C on

    Sign me up. I stand with Israel

  98. Sam A on

    I would like to join this venture.

  99. Kurt S on

    Whenever and wherever Jews stand for Jews I stand with them.

  100. Philip S. on

    Sign me up. I live in Stuart, Florida

  101. Linda S on

    I am proud to join a group which believes in the strong, secure Jewish nation of Israel. May you and an undivided Israel prosper, and thereby the rest of the world!

  102. Helen Z S on

    According to our tradition it will be the women, like Miriam the prophetess, who will ultimately lead us to redemption.
    Kudos to you for picking up the tambourine and inspiring us to take back the “street.”

  103. SteveM on

    Mazel Tov on a website that supports Israel. Few and far between. In the past 7 years, I’ve been able to go and volunteer on an army base 4 times. Highlight…raising the Isreali flag in the morning.

    That’s where it’s at for me…tears and all….


  104. Stephanie A on

    Yes, I want to join… after Israel, the next most dangerous place to be a Jew is the world. We can’t just watch again. I heard about this website through a friend of both the website and of mine.

  105. Barbara S on

    I would like to become a member

  106. Frederic L on

    There needs to be a strong Zionist voice in the American media. I want to join.

  107. Jon C on

    Thank you for this organization and for allowing me, another frustrated gentile, to stand with my Jewish brothers against the insane policies that condemn Israel for defending herself.
    Please allow me to join Z Street.

  108. Larry L on

    Thanks for providing this forum for us die hard zionists.
    We need to keep up the fight.Love the concept.

  109. Mel B on

    Bruchiom Habaim
    It’s about time we, who find JStreet and their brethren disgusting, got up and made our opinions known. Who knows. Perhaps we ARE capable of mounting a successful countercampaign against the horrific activities and lies of the anti-zionists.

  110. Max Makow on

    Need an agressive “truth pounding” force to battle the worlds oldest hatred that is more virulent than ever. Tough enough to battle non Jews, countries, self hating Jews,!
    a major world wide religion, and the major media.
    Please send me a “postal” address to send my “old fashion’ paper check too.

  111. Susan B on

    Mazal Tov! Thank heavens there is now an organization opposing J Street!!!
    I have purchased membership on PayPal. I do not know how to enter a comment in the correct place and receive a password. How will you know that I am a member so that I can receive a password? I am in Menlo Park, CA. I learned about this organization from an email forwarded to me.

  112. walter f on

    closest city is fort lauderdale,Fla.

    Heard about you by way of an e-mail sent to me

  113. walter f on

    interested in a site dedicated to the truth with a strong pro Israel editorial comment.

  114. david on

    I heard about you through my email. I, just now, checked out your blog. I like what you believe in, but your activities are OK. Rallies are nice, but in the end, they just make a lot of noise and the situation will not have changed. Since this is an activist organization, be active. Raise funds for YESHA communities. Get in touch with Orit Strook of Hebron of the YESHA Civil Rights Organization and Joel Bainerman of the Judea and Samaria Chamber of Commerce. Publicize Israel’s human rights abuses on YESHA Jews. Make Jewish building in YESHA legal. So many concrete things you can do. Don’t do nothing except whine, bitch, and get a lot of speakers.

  115. Sandy K on

    Yes, I agree with your goals , there is so much pressure against Israel and so little time left. Heard about you from a Women in Green e mail. Thank you for standing up for what so many of us believe. Please give me an address to send a check.

  116. Chris H on

    Kol ha Kavod od pam! My wife and I lived in Ha Eretz while studying at the Hebrew University and we will gladly stand and be counted as strong supporters of Israel! We need a unified voice of support! Heard about this from the ZOA in Philadelphia!

  117. Raymond C on

    Congratulations! May you grow from strength to strength. You have my full support in your efforts to counter the misinformation and lies circulating in the world today about Israel.
    I trust that you will present forceful and well thought arguments to emphasise the noxious
    and hateful quality of comments in the world at large and on the internet in particular.
    I look forward to witnessing the rapid growth of your membership and viewers.

  118. Warren Y. Z on

    My wife and I wish you success. We stand with Israel. We are AIPAC members and will join Z Street.

  119. Stan W on

    Just what the doctor ordered. Please keep me in the loop. You can follow me on my blog or on twitter: MEPapers.

    Kol haKavod!!!

  120. Miri on

    I want to join! It’s about time we fight those (Jewish & other) antisemites with their own tools!
    The government of Israel is still on the “politically correct” trip of self destruction, so we have to do the job for them: expose the lies and tell the truth, loud and clear, so even the deaf will hear it.
    Yes, We Can 🙂
    and we will!

  121. Jeff M on

    I, Jeff Muchnik, would like to join Z Street. I heard about Z Street from an email by “Women in Green”. I am a strongly proud Jew, living in the USA, who is pro-Jewish and pro-Israel. I am deeply supportive of Jews and Israel. I am disgusted by the lack of Jewish cohesion around the world and the fact that the unsafest place in the world to live for Jews is Israel, due to the fact that the Israeli Government steals Jewish land and does nothing to protect Isrealis and, in my opinion, encourages terrorism with their offering their arms, legs, feet, hands, etc for peace with terrorists

  122. Meryl H on

    I am proud to join Z Street and help speak the truth about Israel and about recent political trends in the USA. We must stand up and be counted — thank you for letting me do that with you, from New Jersey.

  123. Allan E on

    Hi All
    Here in Australia there is a large loud “Islamic” population. This needs to be addressed by a loud and proud Jewish/Israeli voice – we could do with Z Street here! I will happily do my part.

  124. Tom on

    Bravo !!

    I am glad that there is finally an organizations who stands up for our rights in the world and in Israel. I had enough of the Peace Now movement whom I consider traitors.

    I would like to join Z Street and be a member.
    Immediately I am going to send this information to my friends .



  125. Larry S on

    I am from the Oregon in the beautiful North West and I glad to see a support group coming together to stand with Israel and against the injustice that has been aimed at her. Let’s move the Israel boarders back to where God placed them over 2500 years ago. If you don’t love Israel then leave, don’t try to kill them. Stand up to Obama, Clinton, Cater and the rest of those with their twisted way of thinking.

  126. Jeff B on

    I am very intersted in what you are doing and would like to stay advised–kol hakavod from Virginia, USA

  127. Aram on

    I’ve been saying for years that there is a desperate need for an umbrella organization not only for pro-Israel Jews but, also, for the throngs of frustrated gentiles, like myself, who only ask to be allowed to help defend HaEretz alongside with Jews. Zionist Jews and Goyim…we’ll fight shoulder to shoulder under the covering wings of HaShem or perish separately.
    Eretz Israel L’Am Israel!

  128. Richard M on

    I am in Houston Texas. I would like to join Z street. Please contact me. Thanks

  129. J Lazar on

    I would like to join.

  130. Helen B on

    I would like to join your group. I am not Jewish by blood but I am very much Jewish in my heart, a Zionist and a Torah follower. I am 81 and am on restricted means, and can not promise I can donate. (I am committed now that 20% of my income does go in ways that benefit Israel). But I can and do pray for Israel daily.

    May HaShem bless you and yours abundantly for what you are doing.


  131. eli h on

    much needed addition to the spreading of the truth and the debunking of all the lies about israel. unfortunately, we all have to do the job the state of israel should be doing.
    i am happily joining and hope to continue contributing to this must do job, this time better with your help.

    be’hatzlacha to us all,

    eli hubara

  132. Ken C on

    I want to become a member:

    Ken C
    Woodland Hills, CA
    Recommended by another member Sophia F

  133. Ana S on

    Please sign me in. I live in Chicago.

  134. Shulamith M. G on

    Kol Hakavod! Shulamith

  135. sarah on

    i would like to join zstreet! i live in colorado

  136. Anne B on

    I live in Rockville, Maryland. Z Street is much needed in these times of concern for the safety of our Jewish People and of our Homeland Israel. Please instruct me about dues/contributions.

  137. Marc H on

    Pittsburgh, PA USA


    I want to join.

    Zei gezunt!

  138. Dominick Z on

    I consider myself a Zionist. I’ll do what I can to help. I am in Brunswick, GA USA near Jacksonville, FL and Savannah, GA. I receive updates from Women in Green.

  139. Anne B on

    I want to join Z Street. We need a powerful response to the enemies of Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael in these times when even the present government of The US appears to be inimicable to our survival and to the survuval of Israel. It is tragic that some of our bitter enemies call themselves Jews. I did NOT vote for Obama who has shown himself by his actions to be an enemy of the Jewish People.

    Please instruct me re dues.

  140. Paul M on

    Of course I want to join . I love the way these Jews (in name only) work against their own self interest.

    Los Angeles, Ca.

  141. Michael R on

    Please do not use the term “Palestinian Arabs”. Until 1948, I was eligible to be called a Palestinian. That term meant Jew who lived in The Land. In 1948, the designation was changed to Israeli. It was not used again until 1964 when Arafat and crew appropriated the title for themselves and claimed instant history by inappropriately linking with the past. I would suggest “Arab Usurpers” or “Arab Intruders” or Arab Land Grabbers”. Let them start off having to explain their title.

  142. Maureen C on

    I’m so happy to find this initiative from the Women In Green newsletter.
    After so many years of appeasement and frustration over the fate of Israel, it is very encouraging to find like-minded people joining together to make a difference. and ‘yes, we can!!’
    I hold dual nationality UK/Israel and will track the progress of TheZ-Street regularly, now we have a direction to illustrate we are proud Jews and Zionists.
    Please sign me up as a member.

  143. Baruch R on


    I live in Boston, MA, received a letter about you from Women in Green

  144. David C on

    I want to join Z Street in fighting for our Jewish God-given Homeland! Shalom, brethren–

  145. Alan J. W on

    This is like the ZOA. I want to join. How do I enroll?

  146. David S on

    Count me in

  147. Kd W on

    You go Caroline M! May those who love Israel stand up! Yes, I’d like to join; I’ll send my dues by the snail. Thank you for standing strong against the wind Z-Street!

  148. stanley l on

    can you let me know how I can join zstreet.
    I would like to know the method of payment BUT not
    by way of pay-pal. Prefer VISA.

  149. Claire M on

    Happy to stand side by side with those who see clearly enough to understand the detrimental smokescreen for “peace” espoused by Obama and crew.

  150. stewart R on

    I want to be a member of an organization such as this! I am and always will be a proud Zionist! In my book that is not and never has been a dirty word!
    San Francisco CA

  151. Sam T on

    I live in Israel and I am proud to be associated with you. We need lots more like you to spell it out like it is.
    Letting those “self hating supplicating” Jews speak in my name from the affluent comfort of their homes in the USA and elsewhere is simply intolerable.

  152. Channah K on

    Finally – we have a voice – Kol ha Kovod to the originators of this site.

    I’m from Ramat Beit Shemesh Israel – Originally from Stamford, Connecticut USA.

  153. Jeannine K on

    Kol ha Kavod. I’m so happy to see that there are some sane people in the US who are prepared to tell the truth and stand together for our one and only safe haven in the World ISRAEL.
    I live in Bournemouth, England.

  154. Paulette on

    I would like to join . Thank you for your website

  155. Ande H on

    Count me in. My fellow liberal jews who care more about liberalism than Zionism are leading Obama down this path of destruction.

  156. Jane on

    Also I do not think the word “settlement” helps in the propaganda war with liars. Better to use more accurate descriptors like, “village”, “town” or “city” when referring to Jewish communities in Yesha

  157. H & B Smigel on

    Mazal Tov! About time. My wife and I will join and wish all success.

    Howard Smigel

  158. Philip A on

    Oh, I learned about you at AtlasShrugs, a great site, too!

  159. Philip A on

    Where do I sign? It is soooo refreshing to see someone who is not morally beaten down by the Jew-hating swill that gushes from the Leftwing media and the Islamic world. Forward to total victory!!

    Lakeland, Florida, USA

  160. ARTHUR G on

    Wish to show my support for Israel.
    I live in NY

  161. Helen A on

    Kol Ha Kavod! I want to join and be counted amongst those who stood up for Israel.
    I’m from Australia.

  162. Gennady G on


    Fair Lawn, NJ. Heard about you from Naomi Ragen’s mailing list.

    See you at the rally!

  163. Makabit Y R–S on

    Oooppss! I read about Z Street through Naomi Ragen’s email. I live in Richmond, Virginia. I voted against my heart when I voted for Obama.

    My main thinking was ‘Is this good for Jews and Israel?’ In the end, I voted against my heart and I, along with the rest of the country, am paying the price. Sign me up for Z!

  164. Aharon H Reading,MA on

    Thanks to Eric Voogd for forwarding me the American Thinker article about you guys.
    We must stand up to the insanity of the two-state solution.
    A Palestinian State means not only the expulsion and destruction of the homes of my family and friends in Judea and Samaria, but the ultimate destruction of Israel as a whole.
    Thank God that not all of us have lost our voices.
    We must shout from the rooftops: NO! NEVER AGAIN!

  165. elyse f on

    I heard about this from Naomi Ragen in Israel and we’re both in Philly! Keep up the good work.

  166. Makabit Y R–S on

    I am an American of African heritage. I am also Jewish(Conservative). Not all Jews are White but that is what many Jews feel should be the litmus test of being Jewish. I have faced the questioning of Caucasian Jews as to my Jewishness. I have faced the silent Judeophobia of many Blacks. I have Sephardic and Ashkenazic in my blood and it is something to be exposed to these things from both ends of the spectrum.

    I love Israel and Jerusalem is where I want to live. I want to be a member. Sign me up.

    Ayn Od Milvado.

  167. Mickey O on

    The Arabs on the west bank may be people but THEY ARE NOT A PEOPLE.. They are merely a rag tag medley of ne’er do wells from other Muslim countries who could not succeed in their homelands and hoped to benefit by the labours of the Jews.

    They proved in Gaza that their desire is not a state for themselves but rather the annihilation of the Jewish state. They were given every opportunity to form a viable state. They failed miserably. They vandalized and destroyed everything.

    One state or two states, there will be no peace with them until they learn, as Golda Meier said, to love their children more than they hate their enemies. That is not likely to happen until there is a generation of children that is allowed to grow up free from hatred and love of death and martyrdom that is force fed today’s Muslim/Arab children.


  168. Henry S on

    You are just what we need. I want to join.
    Henry S.
    Colonia, NJ

  169. Ranhdi M O on

    I want to be a member. We are facing an international disaster, and the good guys in the American Jewish leadership are busy buring their heads in the sand, while the bad guys take the limelight.

  170. Dr. Zvi T on

    I want to be a member. I support and am a member of many real “Pro-Israel” groups and it looks like Z Street has great potential to rally real support for Israel. I’m sick of the UN Resolutions and double standard that is always applied to Israel. I’m sick and tired of the lack of acknowledgement of the main reason for such little progress in the ME peace process – namely a failure to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. I’m in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago (Glencoe, IL). Best of Luck in this endeavor. Please let me know if you need hands on help around Chicago.

  171. Charles G on

    I have supported Israel all my life and am happy to see this website. Look what the Jews have done with Israel. It’s blooming and prospering! Look what the Arabs have done with their countries! It’s an evil nightmare with the Arabs; murder, conquest, insanity, that’s all they have to offer!

  172. Carol M. on

    There will be no Palestinian State within Israel’s biblical borders, NOT NOW,NOT EVER.
    God gave the Land to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac… end of story. So as it is written, so shall it be.
    Wake Up Israel, arise from your slumber, put on your strength as in the days of old. For the Lord God loves you with an everlasting love and He will save you from your enemies, stop looking at them, and look only at YOUR GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Issac, Jacob and my Lord Y’shua. Remember the Rock from whence you were hewn and Hear my Lord, who has called the gentile nations to bless
    you and rejoice with you as you take hold of yur inheritance and your final redemption. The Lord has planted you with His whole heart and soul, and your enenues will not be able to stand against you. Your enemies are His enemies, those who bless you, bless God, and those who stand with you in these perilous days shall be joined with you in the great riches and blessings that He will pour out upon you as His Righteous Kingdom is established on His Holy Mountain in Jerusalem. The nations that hate you shall fall and those that love you shall share in your future glory. You shall no longer be the tail, but you shall be the head and through you shall all the nations of the world be blessed.
    Remember Your GOD.

  173. Eric V on

    Mazal tov! Please sign me up. Excellent article in the American Thinker. Indeed, the lines from “The Pianist” are chilling. I see too many parallels today with precursors that lead to the events we saw before Kristallnacht and those that followed to our tragedy. NEVER AGAIN!

    I have been waiting a long time for an authentic Zionist organization that will not compromise on Eretz Yisrael.


    Eric V
    Naperville, IL

  174. Sharon M on

    Thank you for forming Z Street. I look forward to hearing about and reading more from like minded people. The current administration is actively undermining and abandoning Israel, and courting favor among her enemies. I am concerned about the direction that our government is heading towards with respect to our own country’s future, and frankly frightened about the coersion and antagonism displayed towards Israel in this administration and throughout the world. I look forward to joining a group committed to speaking out for Israel.

  175. Rivkah B. M on

    I would very much like to join Z Street and help support Israel.
    As you requested, I live in Baltimore, MD.

    Thanks for your assistance!

  176. Sam S on

    when we stop saying “West Bank” instead of Judea/Samaria, when we stop saying “Palestinians” & instead say “Arabs from pre-1948 Israel”, we’ll have adopted our own language as our ally. Words/slogans/names are very potent, and the anti-Israel PR has had a multi-decade head start courtesy of horrible Govt. of Israel “hasbara”. We take back the language, we take back the moral & PRACTICAL high ground.

    Hatzlacha–we have no choice.

    • Simantov on

      We should stop using the term “settlements” for Jewish towns and communities. Americans think of a settlement as something newly established in a frontier area often beseiged by unhappy “natives”. Kind of like the wild West when it was settled by people who drove the Indians out.

  177. Mike R on

    Israel needs strong, unreserved and effective support. I am excited to join Z Street.

    Thank you already for your efforts.

  178. SteveM on

    I think that the concept of “2 states for 2 people” is sound. The major problem, in my eyes, is the failure of the Arab world to recognize Israel as an independent Jewish State. The reasons are many, and include religious beliefs.

    There’s an article written by Dr Mordechai Kedar, a research associate with The Begin-Sadat Center For Strategic Studies and a 25 year veteran of IDF Military Intellegence, A Jewish and Non-Legitimate State that is worth the read, and that attempts to answer this difficult question. Linked from DailyAlert:

  179. Ilana O on

    Great! Finally OUR voices will be heard LOUD and Clear.
    NO to another Arab state and YES to a strong Israel. Thank you Lori. It’s a great feeling to be part of a real zionist organization.

  180. Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

    Avner – check out the Z STREET Charter. No slicing off any parts of Israel. And especially not to create another terrorist state. Everyone who wants to live with respect and tolerance towards all can live together in the one state, Israel. Anyone who wants to wipe out Israel or murder Jews should go elsewhere. Anywhere. Preferably very far away.

  181. Al S on

    This is very much needed. We must be heard.

  182. Avner on

    I was wondering about your position regarding the “2 states to 2 people” idea

    • Devorah bat Tzion on

      Avner, 2 states is an absurd Arab concoction; The arabs have quite enough states already! (Israel is the size of New Jersey; it’s very small already)
      Plus the so-called “palestinians” are not in any sense distinct from other arabs;also, Jordan was created from the same piece of British mandate land as Israel was- Jordan’s population is 80% “palestinian” (arab ancesters more or less having lived in the area during the ottoman era… i’m being generous here.)
      People forget that about 900.000 Jews were ethnically cleansed from various arab countries in 1948. No UN or other organisation bothered to help these refugeees by the way. We should kick all the arabs out of Israel! Let the so-called “palestinians” live in the stolen Jewish homes in the arab countries- fair swap! (One of many historical precidents for a population swap; India and Pakistan)
      Why should we give hard won land or equal rights to people who don’t allow us to live in their countries or areas even? What kind of shlemiels are we to kowtow to those who have one rule for mankind and another for Jews? Why would we be so stupid as to give our land to those who are hellbent on our destruction? The arabs have only one goal- kill the Jews and make those who survive the ‘final solution’ (yes that’s what they call it) into dhimmi= second rate people who have to pay exorbitant sums to be “allowed” to live in seperate enclaves amongst the “superiour” muslims. I’m not making this up.

      (It’s appauling in this computer age how ignorant most people are about the historical/religious-political motives of our enemies.)
      For more information: Dhimmi Watch, Memri, Palestinian Media Watch and for the more adventerous ones amongst us: check out Mulim sites- Hizbullah and Hamas are very open about their Jew-Hatred and “plans” for us.

      The world not only wants us dead; they want us to go to the slaughter quietly!
      Giving in to suicidal options is death by a million cuts; that’s the bottom line.

      • Jane on

        Comments from דברי
        above are exactly correct. You would think that ignorant people could find out the historical facts of the modern re-establishment of the Jewish nation if they had a computer, the internet and even a small amount of intelligence, and a willingness to learn. That’s what I did. The fact that so many media editors ignore the sheer weight of documentary evidence supporting the legal and legitimate foundation of modern Israel, and pursue instead a fabrication provided to them by Arab propagandists without even checking for truth, tells you that they, the western media, suffer from cowardice and moral blindness in a capacity that I believe has spiritual underpinnings. Go, Z-street, I’m on board.

  183. lili b on

    i would very much like to join your organization. i hope the hear from you. lili

  184. Cindy on

    As a long time Zionist and having visited Israel a half a doaen times I have become increasingly frustrated by the rhetoric of our new administration. I am very anxious about the US’s relationship with Israel and worry that Israel will not have a strong ally with the US for much longer. We need better education of the public, for both Jews and non Jews, to help them understand why Israel is SO important to the US> I hope that Z Street will help with this endeavor and help keep Israel and its supporters strong. I am ready to join!

  185. Richard B on

    Congratulations on your new venture. Great timing. I’m happy to join you…Weakness and appeasement invites aggression. Some things do not change.

    Richard B
    Highland Park IL

  186. Jay L on

    It is about time that we have an organization who truly stands up for Israel and the Jewish right to live anywhere in Israel.

    Please count me in!

  187. ella g on


  188. Bruce W on

    I want to join. Bruce from Verona, New Jersey.

    Chazak, Chazak, v’niskazayk!

    I heard about Z Street from a yahoo e-mail group I am a member of called liberalhawks

  189. Steven S on

    Looking forward to Z Street’s rising profile and counterbalance to the mainstream misinformation.

    Toronto, Canada

  190. Joel H. Y on

    Merrick, New York- There are no “occupied territories” in Eretz Israel, only LIBERATED TERRITORIES. We now have a voice to tell all that AM YISRAEL CHAI and will continue to do so without regard to the lies the left wing media and politicians choose to disseminate.

  191. gerry p. on

    Gerry P. Delray Beach, Florida

  192. reha s on

    For the past few weeks, I have been asking where is Peter Bergson, and where are the 400 rabbis who marched on Washington? This is the time to let our voices be heard and not succumb to the distortions and misrepresentations of the likes of rahm emanuel and david axelrod(who exemplify stepen weiss) chief advisors on Israel to obama (whose idol is fdr). Jewish history tragically repeats itself over and over again.

    I am ready to join

  193. shelley w on

    I would love to join “Z Street”, I heard about you from Naomi Ragen and I live in Irvine, CA.

  194. shelley w on

    would love to become a member!!!

  195. Ari B on

    Lori’s piece in the American Thinker is extraordinary.

    Allyson – KOL HAKAVOD. It is about time, and just the right remedy which the patient needs.

    It is a privilege to join.

    Ari B
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210

  196. Monica C on

    Count me in!!!

    Thank you for taking the initiative to do this. This type of group is needed!!

    Monica, Baltimore (Maryland)

  197. Peter K on

    I’ve been waiting for you ! We need a group which is outspoken and honest in support of
    Israel. You have finally organized ! I am going to spread the word about Z street.

  198. Linda C. on

    What is happening should be a wake-up call for all Jews. We believed that living today in our democracies we would be free from antisemitism. We felt safe and secure. G-d is trying to show us reality and take away all these illusions so that we return, do Tsuvah. See what is happening as a gift from Hashem.

  199. Michael S on

    I’m joining! The JStreet crowd can take a hike. Jews who can’t take pride in their own strength and who would give away what is theirs just to be liked are not considered leaders. Peace is every sane person’s desire but at what price? As I have always believed there is no one less liberal than a liberal who you do not agree with.

  200. James A. Bridge on

    A TALE OF TWO…Jewish World Views, Worlds Apart

    I was forwarded an email from Ira Forman, the National Jewish Democratic Council:

    *********************************************Please join the
    for our

    Tuesday, October 20 through Wednesday, October 21
    The Hilton Washington

    Seventy-eight percent of Jews voted for President Barack Obama in the 2008 election. We knew we would make a difference and make history.
    Join NJDC as we reflect on the past and plan for the future.

    Now, here is the Republican Jewish Coalition protesting the nomination of a world-class anti-Semite in Mary Armstrong by our President, Barack Obama:

    RJC: Mary Robinson is not an appropriate recipient
    for the Presidential Medal of Freedom

    Washington, D.C. (August 4, 2009) — The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) today spoke out strongly against President Obama’s decision to award Mary Robinson the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The President will honor 16 people with the Medal of Freedom on August 12.

    RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said, “Mary Robinson, who was one of the people responsible for the 2001 Durban conference against racism descending into an anti-Israel propaganda forum, is not an appropriate recipient for one of our nation’s highest honors. In fact, awarding the Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson does great dishonor to the many outstanding men and women who have received it in the past.”

    RJC responded to the late Friday afternoon statement by the White House spokesman Tommy Vietor, who said, “Mary Robinson has dedicated her career to human rights… As with any public figure, we don’t necessarily agree with every statement she has ever made, but it’s clear that she has been an agent of change and a fighter for good.”

  201. Jane on

    I live in Western Australia. I am not Jewish. I am FED UP with constantly reading the procession of lies and half-truths the newspapers and other media either deliberately or in slipshod manner, present as fact. Seems to me editors aren’t concerned any more with the truth.

  202. Eugene S on

    I wish to join. I’m from Brentwood (near Nashville) Tn. Heard about you from a friend

  203. Benayah B. on

    I am a proud Israeli living in Eilat, Israel. For years I’ve been fighting almost in vain to promote the goals of Z-Street. This organisation should have been formed YEARS ago. I would like to join Z-Street and actively support your goals.

  204. James A. B on

    As a teacher of German and history, I confront the Holocaust several times a year, often many times. Half of my family is Jewish, but that doesn’t matter.

    We said after WWII, “Never Again.” Jews, I know, adopted the motto, “Forgive, never forget.”

    And yet, when I asked American Hero and Congressional Award Medal winner Col. Jack Jacobs a simple question, I was stunned with his answer.

    “Col. Jacobs, when will the United States adopt a foreign policy of zero-tolerance to anti-Semitism?”

    He gave me a one-word answer.


    I deeply respect Col. Jacobs, and I list him among the people I’d like to sit with over hours.

    But I want to him one day to tell me how happy he was that he was wrong.

    WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY FROM THE FORCES OF ANTI-SEMITISM THAT ARE EVERWHERE. They mask themselves behind sympathy for Palesinians, while the news media shield from view the DAILY attacks and atrocities of Hamas against Israel, and of Islamic terrorists against Jews and non-Muslims globally.

    I ask you to consider me a member.

  205. Faith M on

    Another proud Zionist voice for your list, from Northern California

  206. Steve S on

    It is about time that a response to the Israel bashers at J street et al has been established. Am Yisrael Chai. Count me in.
    Steve S
    Efrat, israel
    ( I read about you on Regan’s e mail list)

  207. Joy and Zvi M on

    We want to join. We are going to Israel in 12 days. I am extremely frustrated by what is going on in this US that I love; the president we have, the large number of Muslims and the power they have. It is incredibly frightening.

  208. Marvin L on

    It is apparent to me that Obama is intent upon the destruction of Israel. His laying down of rigid requirements for Israel with no comparable requirements for Palestinians or any of the Arab states makes this obvious.

  209. Izzy B on

    I fully support your efforts on behalf of Israel and Zionism
    Any help I can provide will be a source of gratifcation .

  210. Stephen Tannenbaum on

    Some of you may know that this coming Sunday, the United Church of Canada (UCC) will be debating a resolution on boycott, sanctions and divestment against Israel. It starts by accusing Israel of “ethnically cleansing” the Palestinians in 1947/8 and gets worse from then on.

    There is something we can do about this. UCC runs a site called Wondercafe at – and it’s open to anyone, not just members of the church. You can join easily and quickly. Then please click to “discussions”, “politics” and find the thread “Stand up against the biased proposition”. Somebody has tried to give Israel’s position on this question, and they’re being bombarded. Please get on there and help.

    Please be polite and please use facts in all your arguments. We CAN persuade the ordinary members of UCC to speak out against this vile proposal.

  211. Izzy B on

    I am very supportive of your efforts and organizatio.
    I am extremely proud of OF iSRAEL, WHAT IT REPRESENTS FOR THE jEIWHS PEOPLE, and it!s underlying foudation for its existence.
    Any help I can provide, will be a mitzva.

  212. Dina G on

    Sydney, Australia.
    Sign me up please.
    I look forward to taking action!

  213. donella w on

    i am for israel 100%, enough already.

  214. Rosalie S on

    am interested in joining z street. boca raton, fl

  215. Mike Y on

    Z Street much needed. Why do most American Jews (I am a Gentile) support the anti-Israeli Democrat party and this Marxist President? We had better wake up. Mike

  216. Ginny S on

    Sign me up Please! Am Yisrael Chai

  217. Jeffrey R. W on

    Yosher Koach. Please enroll me.

  218. Aaron W on

    Kol Hakvod!!

    I will like to join. Let me know how I can pay by credit card.

    Teaneck and Beit Shemesh

  219. DEVORAH M on

    As I live in Israel with no american checking account I will have to wait until Paypal is up and running.

    Devorah M

  220. Moshe S on

    Hi from Johannesburg South Africa
    My mind still boggles that politicians and others have the chutzpah to tell us Jews what to and where to go in our own country .This is regardless of the situation in their own countries.

  221. Marsha on

    We need you!! Thank you!!! Sign me up!

  222. Livio R on

    I will not be silent.

  223. Scott M. F on

    IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! I live in Far Rockaway, NY Never has the need been greater than now for the establishment of Z Street. Be strong because the liberal left is going to try to do everything they can to stop you. Let me know how I can help.

  224. Elliott on

    Without Jews standing strong for Israel as a Jewish state, it is difficult for Bible believing Christians to stand with Israel. Afterall, how can be more Catholic than the pope!

    Thankfully, there are voices such as Professor Mordechai Kedar who are not sold out to appeasment for peace. Z Street can gather these voices to encourage and edify those who already know better, but like Elijah feel under Jezebel’s attack as though we are alone.

    Z Street can be that voice, which stands not only upon facts of history against the Arab narrative, but also on the irrevocable, unilateral blood covenant which G-d swore upon His own holiness, with Abram. The land portion of this covenant is our title deed! Blessing in the land is another story…it is CONDITIONAL requiring obedience as per Deut 28 and Leviticus 26. As a people, without G-d’s enablement and grace we can possess the land, but our ‘neighbors’ will remain as thorns in our flesh and barbs in our eye!

    Having just returned from the CUFI Summit in Washington, D.C., know that there are Christians who traveled from every state in the US to learn and plead Israel’s case on Capitol Hill.

    Something else may have happened in Washington on July 22, as more than 4000 Americans (both Christians and Jews united!) ascended the Hill on behalf of Israel as a Jewish state…Note that July 22 may have marked a turning point for the liberal putsch under the new democratic jihad. This may not have changed events for Israel, which is always under G-d’s watch, but it may have permitted G-d to once again raise a defensive hedge of protection around America!

    Count me in! Am Yisrael Chai! Israel lives!

    Elliott – Dallas, Texas

  225. natski on

    I am with you guys all the way, certainly count me in.

    I live in Melbourne, Australia.

  226. Jeff G on

    Kol Hakavod!
    We must unite and make our voices heard.
    All lovers of Zion must vigorously oppose those who seek to undermine Israeli sovereignty.
    As Jabotinsky said, “… Silence is filth…”


  227. David B on

    RE my comments and ‘blog’ above, dated Aug. 3rd.
    Sorry, about some typographical errors.
    My passion for the continuing ‘Existance of the beloved state of Israel’ along with that being a ‘Security Country’ for all Jews in the event of another rampant movement to kill or remove Jews,or repeat of another holocaust wherever Jews may reside, A NEW ORGANIZATION SUCH AS ‘Z STREET’ should receive immense support toward
    it’s effort to neutralize the Islamic madness of spreading hatred of human beings…Jews, Christians,Israel, other infidels of Islam, and Americans.
    Go Z STREET!….Don’t hesitate to tell it like it is!

  228. Rachel S-L on

    Makes me proud to become part of Z. “Yishar Koach” and hope you accumulate more “Koach” to battle what’s coming ahead.
    Probably Z(ionists) needs to come before J(ews). Israel needs us to support its right wing government (any government elected democratically, for that matter), protect the right of Jews for their homelandland and reject the US policy of appeasement and submission to the Arab world and to Islam, on Israel’s account.
    Glad to come aboard, Puerto Rico

  229. jerry M on

    hi My name is Jerry miller . I have led demonstrations aswell as sitins for causes i believe in. finishings in victory. I want to join and be involved . I am also a computer moron so i need your help.

  230. Glenda on

    count me in.

    glenda, tasmania

  231. Paul Rotenberg on

    Please let me know what we can do from here.
    Membership information


  232. JDM on

    Count me in.

  233. Rivka on

    Please add me as a Z Street member, and let me know when paypal works for you again so I can pay my membership.

    I live in Vancouver BC Canada and am a long-time active advocate for Israel and Jews everywhere.

  234. Alex B on

    I live in Ferndale, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Sign me up, let me know about other Michiganders who may want to organize something around here, and tell me where I send the check.

  235. simone on

    Please add me as a member.

  236. allan l on

    Count me in. I am frustrated by Israel`s own leadership to protect its own people. Perhaps Z Street could teach them some resolve and courage. If I am not for me who will be for me. Thanks for taking the initiative. I live in South Carolina.

  237. Cynthia B on

    G’day, sign me up please.
    Sydney Australia

  238. Tammi F on

    i would like to join Z street and show my support, i live in cape town south africa and am frightened by rising anti semitism. i believe in the right of Jews to Israel, to a homeland, to practice our religion,to exist!

  239. Marcee R on

    At last there is a group taking a major step in the right direction. You are taking on a very big task. Just tackle the problems one by one. I will definitely stand behind you. I heard about your group through Naomi Regan’s emails. I live in Toronto, Canada.
    Hatzlacha Rabba. As soon as Paypal is up and running I will pay my memebership.
    Marcee R.

  240. Noam on

    Millions of Jews were forced out of the Arab countries, their property seized, their assets forfeit, their synagogues abandoned and Israel took in every single one who asked.

    Since Israel welcomed all the Jewish refugees from the Arab countries, let the Arab countries welcome their “palestinian refugee” brethern. Let’s say we give up all our claims to our property and confiscated assets in Arab lands in exchange for the abandoned Arab property in Israel and we’ll call it quits.

  241. Robin on

    This is a an important step toward uniting those of us that care deeply about the future of Israel.
    I would like to become a member!

  242. Laurence B on


  243. Gene M on

    I would like to join Z street and I’m proud of your principles.

    Newton, MA

  244. Nili G on

    I did not include my personal info in my previous reply. My name is Nili Gitig I live in Huntington,(Long Island) NY and I would like to become a member.

  245. shifra a on

    It is a wonderful thing what you are doing. We must fight
    evil in every possible way.shifra

  246. Harriet D on

    I would like to join. Please let me know how I can send payment for membership. I would like to be kept apprised of what your group is doing and how I can contribute. I will be sending the notice I got from Ted Belman to my e-mail list.

    Best of luck,

    Mississauga, ON, Canada

  247. mike s on

    Hi all
    With the rise of the self-hating J-Street group, this organization comes as a surprise. Lets make our counter voices heard.
    Mike Schuman

  248. Levi J A on

    It was about time that the resolve, resilience and resourcefulness of Zionists worldwide was galvanised in a determined, devoted and decidedly empowering channel to ensure the right of Jews to a state without indulging in apologetic diatribes or, dish in hand, forced to seek the political charity of world leaders.The days of feeble excuses and equally feeble apologies must be over. We owe no explanations to anyone. Unless we re-establish our self-respect, sense of purpose and inspiring vision, Israel and, by extension, world Jewry, will continue to depend on the good-will of a world (dis)order whose innate malice amply nurtures ill-will towards Jews. We owe zero explanations and zero apologies for the existence of Israel. She exists as of right.Post the Holocaust, Jews made a solemn promise; ‘Never Again’. Yet, how many of us live up to that commitment? Silence and passivity are not options; they are suicidal!

    Congratulations for conceiving Z Street. Hazak. Hazak ve’emats I would like to become a member. I live in Gibraltar, have very close connections with pro-Israel groups in Spain and I travel to Israel frequently. I have a second home in ‘liberated territory’ – Ma’ale Adumim. I speak English, Spanish and Hebrew fluently. Thank you.

  249. Marvin R on

    Count me in as a member let me know when I can pay on line

  250. Charles R on

    Great idea. I join with all my heart.

  251. Luis A on

    I support wholeheartedly.

  252. maryse f. on

    I found out about your organization from naomi ragen and would like to join. Keep up the good fight! Keep me posted.

  253. Don S on

    It’s about time that we counter the left wing self hating Jews. They bring shame on our people and our homeland. I certainly want to be part of this cause. I live in Scarsdale, NY which is in Westchester County. I am sure I can get others to join. Keep me posted.


  254. ROSE L on

    I live in Canada. There are a number of us who want
    to join. Please sent info etc.

    Tel Hai !!!

  255. ari b on

    Count me in!!!

  256. L & E B on

    We’re in. We’ve GOT to do something to preserve the safety that Israel offers ALL Jews!

    Boston area

  257. farrell k on

    if not now, when? if not us, who?

  258. Robin on

    I would love to be the first member from Florida. And if there are already Floridians enrolled, more power to us!
    Kol HaCavod on this venture.

  259. Betty C. M on

    It’s about time… I want to join.

  260. Carol K on

    Hope that all the members of Naomi Ragen’s e-mail list will join up as I did.

  261. S David M on

    Z Street is a wonderful idea to counter-balance J Street. My hope is that Z Street will work with other like minded (similarly motivated) organizations (maybe Honest Reporting, etc) to build strength through numbers.

  262. David B on

    I am so pleased to be able to support ‘Z Street’.
    Your organization is long awaited and very important to the support of Israel, and as an informative conduit to ‘FINALLY CLARIFY’ what must be done to promote a better ‘PUBLIC RELATIONS EFFORT, BOTH DOMESTICALLY, AND AMONGST THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY FOR THE STATE OF ISRAEL, AND FOR THE FIGHT AGAINST ISLAMOFACISM.
    Anti-semites will always be present within the hard core percentage of Israel haters, bashers and just plain ‘those who want to erase the Jewish presence’, wherever it may be.
    (Of course, if these ‘idiots’ could eliminate the Jews, the world problems would go on and on and on…..Jews are not the problem!

    Right from the ‘get go’ when Obama chose to run for the presidency of the US, my mindset was that his ‘total background’ (Rev. Wright…Farakann’s hate, and all of Obama’s other ‘left wing socialist radical affiliations) should preclude any thinking Jew from casting a vote for this ‘well talking con artist’ who would ‘lull’ his bleary eeyed followers into the MESS THAT WILL BEFALL THE US AND IT’S CITIZENS FOR ALL THE TIME THAT HE HOLDS THE PRESIDENCY OF THE US………….Z STREET NEEDS TO FOCUS ON AMERICAN JEWS AS AN EDUCATIONAL TOOL TO ‘WAKE OF AND SMELL THE ROSES!

    P.S. So many times, from conversaion with friends and acquaintences, I am viewed as a ‘crazy right wing kook’ when offering opinions about the aforementioned. FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION MUST BE MADE ON THE ‘JEWISH POLITICAL ILLERATE
    By the way, I am an ‘Independent Only’ and no longer have any affiliation with either the Dems or Repubs. The both belong to the same ‘Afer 5:00PM fraternities!

  263. Steven on

    You guys sound great, I would like to find out more and support your work. For my personal info, drop me an email and I will provide.

  264. DR. CHARLES L on




  265. Scott S on

    I would like to join Z Street. These J street jerks make my blood boil. It’s time we fought back and show Obama that Jews (not the J Street traitors) care about Israel and find his policies disgusting. I live in Short Hills, New Jersey and heard about your group from Naomi Ragen. Count me in. Let’s wake up the Jewish community to the true nature of Obama and his anti-Israel team.

  266. Jack D on

    I want to become a member of this organization. Since I have been concerned for sometime relative to Israel’s continued existence, it is comforting to know that their is an American Organization that is committed to letting the world know that we will never let Israel be eliminated.

  267. Alan M on

    Interested in joining. Heard about it in Naomi Ragen e-mail. Chicago, IL Thanks

  268. Hallie L on

    Please sign me up with all of my ardent support. Far Left wing ideology, which has its face, front and center in Barrack Hussein Obama and Rahm Emanuel, must be stopped, before it is too late. I support your position, activism, and courage. Words are powerful and with the voice of Z Street, our words will become a powerful weapon against outrageous propaganda, manipulation, and evil acts. As Obama said recently, “I want to put sunlight between the United Sates and Israel.” Z Street has come along just in time.

    Hallie Lerman

  269. Devorah bat Tzion on

    To all: check out the latest from UN Watch: Banana is not going to oppose Iranian nuclear weapons!!
    We are now, as prophesized, quite alone – time to get our act together and prepare to fight.
    Never Again!! should mean NOT EVER, NOT NOW will we allow our people to be sacrificed as an appeasement offering to fascists.
    We will NOT allow our people/ our Land to be sacrificed by ‘State-ists’- including those born from Jewish wombs.
    All idolatry must be wiped from our consciousness; this includes consideration for or bowing to political ideals, foreign states and or their representatives; this includes not being sucked into idolatry of the STATE of Israel! ERETZ Israel should not be confused with this farcical caricature of Zion- our promised land.
    A State for Jews is NOT the same as a Jewish State!!
    The time has come to not be afraid to wage war on those amongst us who by their actions have placed themselves outside The Covenant.
    It’s time to come to our senses and honour the promises we have made to HaShem- honour our Covenant; Use a modern interpretation of Mosaic Law to form the basis of a true Jewish State- Zion! A State which will be our salvation; A state which can only come into being if we are prepared to fight for it; No more Expulsions by “Jewish” black-shirts! No sale of the land! No more suicidal “concessions”. No more victims on the altar of “peace”! No more hesitation when faced with a self-hating “justice” system/ governments or traitorous entities such as that vile “peace now” bunch, self-serving Knesset members or outside enemies.
    No more dialogue; it’s time for action!
    No more slander of the most Righteous amongst us; Reb Meir Kahane was a visionary! No more thinking in numbers; The majority doesn’t equal justification of immoral government acts. Polls don’t make right what’s wrong from the onset.
    Learn from our ancestors; we never won because of large numbers; we won because our cause was just and HaShem was with us.
    Do not be afraid; gourd yourselves with Psalms!
    Let yourself feel righteous anger towards betrayers couple this with deep love for our people; let these feelings guide your actions.
    Use your brain! Be cunning! creative and practical; Learn fast! Do not be naive; work in small groups; be wary of strangers.
    Have faith!
    Lo Ot!
    Chazak V’Ematz!

    Devorah bat Tzion

  270. Daphne L on

    Well done to my name sake for applying her mind in this ever-continuing fight for Jews and their homeland. Daphne Lowenthal Johannesburg South Africa

    Please put me on your e mailing list

  271. Moshe on

    Congratulations on forming an organization that counters the “ObamaSpeak” of J Street. Most people don’t remember that Obama made a speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, wherein he described Israel as a Racist Regime!
    Although Obama wants to keep his distance, Reverend Wright’s diatribes “jived” well with B. Hussein Obama. It is no wonder that the current US President surrounds himself with self-hating Jews, and did not invite ZOA’s Morton Klein to his carefully selected JewFest. The White House has become a House of Shame where the nation’s bravest are described as stupid, doctors are pre-judged as thieves, health-care reform excludes tort-reform, and the beacon of democracy in the Middle East, Israel, is treated as a second-class country.

  272. Zack R on

    Sign me up…A Canadian who shares your beliefs and feelings..”Chazak V’Amatz”

  273. Jerry G on

    Good luck to Z Street. I am so sick and tired of the various Jewish groups (with the exception of Z.O.A.) who appear to be deaf, dumb and blind to the world around them and who are so comfortable with Israel’s and the Jews worst enemies. It’s like living in a nightmare which is a repeat of the 1930’s.

  274. mc on

    Heard about you from Naomi Regan. Would like to join. i live in Miami, Fl

  275. John G W on

    Thank you for your efforts to re-energize the Jewish nation here and abroad. It is a massive task but one that needs doing and can be done. Please sign me up. Thank you!

  276. Eileen Curtis on

    Kol ha’kavod Z street. I learned of your existence from a friend and am happy to pass on information about this incredible group os supporters for Israel. I would like to join and hope that many of my friends will think likewise. My name is Eileen Curtis and I reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  277. Karen R on

    Congratulations on Z Street, although I am not Jewish I would be honored to stand with you in your defense of Israel. I am from Ontario, Canada and heard about your site from a newsletter I receive from Naomi Ragen. I would like to join if you would have me. I had the pleasure of spending 6 weeks in Israel, meeting many wonderful people and learning much about it’s history and culture. I returned a changed person and long to return.

  278. CLIVE F on

    The best thing ive seen in years.
    I wish to join.

  279. shoshana p on

    from Portland, Oregon and Netanya, Israel
    so glad t/b aboard!

  280. Joel S on

    Encino, California…… email……..


    Please Enroll Me.

  281. Martin C on

    Yeshakoach. Remember to stress the “bigger picture”. It has been ours since The Akadah – NOT just since 48! Mayer Kahane was right and why he should be so unpalatable, I’ll never know. I think we all know that The Rebbe (Lubavitcher) said NO land for peace. And we have no right to judge others like Sharon. I know 8 generation Yerusahlmis who called themselves Palistinains for that long. So, because Arafat coined that name for them, does that mean it’s partly theirs? I don’t think so. As Zaki Chehab, in his most informative book “Inside Hamas” refers to Khalid Mishal and the late Al Rantasi and the late Ahmed Yassin as all wanting ALL or our land, we should get over our embarrassment and use the “N” word NO, because Eretz Yisroel IS ours until Moshiach who will come sooner IF we all demand him NOW.

  282. Terri on

    I want to join !!!!

  283. Robert A L on

    Heard about you thru Naomi Ragen.

    I am in Boston.

    Kol Hakavod

  284. Mark L on

    I agree

    Cleveland Ohio area

  285. rosalie on

    Your article was sent to me via Naomi Ragen’s elist email. Am interested in joining. I live in Fl.

  286. Ken B on

    It is too bad that American and Israeli Jews no longer participate in the same narrative, and this is what has led to the creation of groups like J Street and allows them to empower naive, misinformed, and dangerous troikas such as Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, and David Axelrod.
    This phenomenon is largely the fault of Israel and the various Left wing governments led by dangerous and out of touch leaders like Yitzchak Rabin, Ehud Barak, and even Ariel Sharon. These two Leftists and Mr. Sharon confused the American Jewish Community by their unexpected and tragic gestures to the irredentist Palestinian terrorist organizations. Rabin and Sharon, two former IDF generals and supposed security experts, against all advice, opposition, and simple common sense carried out unilateral withdrawals from Jewish land and even allowed the creation and arming of Palestinian terrorist armies in the regions they surrendered. Another IDF Chief of Staff, Ehud Barak, even offered to divide Jerusalem, surrender the Kotel, and even position armed Palestinian terrorists in the Old City of Jerusalem. Thus it is no wonder to me that we Israelis have alienated and disappointed large numbers of American Jews and almost forced them to give up on Israel. This is what Obama, Emmanuel, and Axelrod are counting on when they propose obviously short sighted and plainly ridiculous plans like a building freeze in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish State of Israel.
    Now we have an opportunity to heal this rift between these two powerful and complimentary Jewish communities as well as protect and strengthen both of them. The Hebrew expression, כיח, all Israel are brothers can once again become a reality for all of Clal Yisrael. This will of course require some real and inspirational Israeli Jewish leadership, something we have all been lacking since Rabin surrendered with the Oslo Accords but even more so since Ariel Sharon betrayed his mandate and brutally expelled Israeli Jews from their homes in Gush Katif and the Shomron. Our present Israeli Jewish leadership must of course be willing to cooperate with the Obama administration as much as possible but it must also be just as willing to forcefully confront that same administration when real and immediate Israeli Jewish interests are at stake, like building in Jerusalem and most of the Jewish communities in the Territories.
    We Israeli Jews can help isolate and contain the damage that false and pernicious Jewish groups like J Street and Americans for Peace Now can cause. By strongly, forcefully, and continually advocating the idea and belief that Israel, including Yehuda and Shomron, and even Gaza, and especially Jerusalem as the eternal spiritual and physical home of all the Jews all of us together can ultimately erase these dangerous Left wing Jewish groups altogether.
    All the best,

  287. Terri G on

    I heard about Z Street from Naomi Ragen. I want to join. It is very important…especially when the show anti-Israel movies at the San Francisco JEWISH Film Festival. I was so frustrated…wrote to all the directors….no response.

  288. Howard S on

    Dear Z Street,

    I am delighted to join. Chazak v ‘amatz.

  289. Sherri G on

    I eagerly join z street and encourage you to create a facebook to let us gather an even greater group of those that actually care about Israel. I am in the Hollywood Florida area, but hope to make Aliyah within a years time. I heard of you through Naomi Ragen’s list.

  290. Nechama G on

    I live in MA and would like to join. Thank you

  291. Saul G on

    I would like to join. I’m in New York City. My community is Hillcrest in Queens. I heard of you from Naomi Ragen’s Email list. If you have your own Email distribution, please add me to it. I maintain an Email list of about 350 addresses within my community to whom I distribute what I consider relevant & important articles. These are usually opinion pieces from various online publications. I’d be happy to pass some of yours along, if OK with you. I do intend to pass along Naomi’s posting announcing your existence.

  292. John B on

    Hey, I was wondering when sensible Jewish folk would realise they are being pushed over a cliff and actually DO something about it. Yes, as with your illustration from The Piano, I hear many stories of the culpability of those who should have known better. The doing needs to be in the field of information and correcting the false narratives that have been established. But, like all lies, they are built on the flimsiness of falsehood and if one prevails in the truth victory is assured. I have a motto: Reality can be bent but it cannot be broken.
    All success to you.

  293. Gloria M on

    The American Jew cannot stand by and let this country not be the strongest supporter of Israel

  294. Sydney F on

    Thanks to Naomi Ragen for telling me about you. I fully support your efforts and will do all I can to help.

    Sydney Faber

  295. Mickey O on

    Americans, Jews imcluded, have elected the charismatic Obama to be their messiah.

    His halo is tarnishing very rapidly.

    Please add me to the membership of Z Street

    Naomi Ragen’s internet letter introduced me to Z Street.

  296. Leah H on

    Thank G-d for what you are doing and I want to be a part of it.
    I am an American living in Israel now for six years (Dual citizen) and thankful every day for the privilege of being here. I am deeply concerned about what is happening in the US under Obama and pray that my fellow American Jews will open their eyes to the true situation before it’s too late for them and the rest of America. Yasher Koach! May thousands upon thousands join your efforts.

  297. Ted P on

    Thank you Allyson and Lori for creating an alternative to the execrable J Street. I am a Canadian who takes a strong interest in US (and global) affairs, as it reflects the trends in Canada as well. I am appalled at how many American Jews voted for Obama, which indicates a serious lack of character judgement. US Jews (and most Canadian Jews) are dangerously complacent and uninformed. Hopefully if enough people join Z Street, the tide can turn. If all the Jews who voted for Obama retract vote to restore the checks and balances in 2010, then there’s a chance to neutralize the danger he poses. Please register me as a Z Street member. Thank you.

  298. Stephen T on

    Finally! Kol HaKavod! this is what I’ve been waiting for, and I give you all credit for doing it (I’m ashamed because I should have!) So yes, please, I want to join. I’m a writer, so any help you need is yours for the asking.

  299. Laura M on

    I would like to join. I reside in Las Vegas, NV.

    I hope Z Street will make a difference in Israel’s future.

  300. Nicole on

    We must unite against the formidable campaign of disinformation that has spread everywhere in the world. Z Street is a breath of truth and freedom!

    It is dramatic, ridiculous and insane to witness feminists fighting on the side of women persecutors, to watch union leaders support people who would never allow unions in an islamic state, to see democrats supporting extremists with a hatred for life, love and education.

    Kudos for Z Street! We need you in this insane world.

  301. Howard on

    I would like to join Z Street. I read about it in Naomi Ragen’s column. Thank you. (I am from Chicago)

  302. Marcia F on

    I received and email from Naomi Ragen about Z Street and am most anxious to join! I live in Reno, NV, USA. Thank you for creating this group to combat the ignorance of the “J Streeters”!

    Love it!

    Marcia F

  303. julian e on

    please add my name to your list. I live in the Brookline, MA area and unfortunately know Alan Solomont (J StreetA) very well. His parents had just the opposite position from him regardeing Israel. learned about you from Naomi Regan.

    I will be sending Naomi’s note to my mailing list and hope others will join in your position.

    Good luck in our endeavor (yes, our).


  304. Kim S-G on

    I found Z Street through a Naomi Rqgen newsletter I received.
    I am from UK but for the past 20years have lived in Israel.
    I was very pleased to see your & views towards Israel & want to keep in touch & stand together with other zionist & of the same mind.

  305. Etti on

    I forgot to say that I live in New York City. I am among the “liberal” Jews who do love Israel and support the state in every way I can. I argue constantly with others who don’t think we belong in this section or that section and have written to our President telling him he knows nothing of the history of Israel. My voice is a little one but very loud.

  306. Carole L on

    Kol HaKavod – as an American Jew who lived many years in Israel I get so annoyed with other American Jews who haven’t a clue to what is happening today – the old anti-semitism has returned with a vengence and since it is “politically incorrect” to say “dirty Jew” in public, “dirty Israel” has become the new theme. It is our great shame that the “fundamentalist Christians” are more committed to a safe and secure Israel than the American Jews. I am not ashamed to say that I have been voting Republican for years now based on what the Democratic party has done or is trying to do to Israel. John McCain went to Israel and made it very clear that he stood at the side of Israel while our new President is telling Israel that it is time for “self-reflection”!!! How do you reflect on a movement that is determined to distroy you? Keep up the good work and count me as a member of Z street!!

  307. Etti on

    Kol HaKovod. I want Israel to be strong and living in peace so that one day I can take my grandsons to this country that I love. Selfish, maybe. But the end result is what we all want.
    Please enrol me in this site.

  308. Kathy on

    Thank you for doing what my heart longed to do when
    I recently tried to start my blog. May we continue to stand strong on behalf of Israel. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  309. Nathan E on

    Would like to join.

  310. Felicia G on

    I would like to join

  311. Jacqueline B on

    Thank G-d for you and this organization. Someone needs to wake up the majority of American Jews, who are either to self-absorbed or too delusional to see what is happening to Israel today.

  312. Mark P on

    Please add me as a member to Zstreet –
    Mark P, Modiin, Israel.

  313. mark b on

    i proudly support your movement.

    i would like to join.

    keep me posted


  314. Gail M on

    Please sign me up – I want to join… heard about you from numerous sources including Atlas, Naomi, et al…

    Dallas, Tx

  315. Sandy B on

    What do I do to become a member of Z sreet/

  316. Olive Tree on

    Dear Z Street, I am a Christian in support of a strong Israel and in favor of Christians who support Israel.
    We direct a Christian organization that is part of a church in Wilmington, Dealware. While we are not affiliated with any other organization, I did participate in the CUFI Summit in July. Below is a report from that meeting.

    For the Fourth year in a row, about 5,000 Christians and supportive Jews from around the country gathered for a unique grass roots event in Washington D.C. We were there exclusively to demonstrate and mobilize our support for Israel by visiting and speaking to each of our senators and congressmen and to address ourselves to critical upcoming bills before Congress. “Christians United For Israel (” continues to affect my life in some significant ways.

    While I am not a newcomer to issues surrounding Go-d’s plans for Israel as they are revealed in scriptures, what was overwhelming to me is the sheer number of Christians who were willing to contribute their time and finances to gather in D.C. from all over the USA in support of Israel even in this difficult and challenging economic tide. This CUFI event is but one part of a large and growing picture of Christian Zionism and it’s potential to help bolster our nation’s support for Israel especially now at a time when our own Government appears to be moving in the opposite direction.

    It warmed my heart to hear state and national leaders, both Christians and Jews, pour out their hearts for Israel and to express their knowledge and concerns over the often misguided even evil intentions of Israel’s enemies. We heard from Senators, Congressmen , Commentators, Scholars and Journalists present their perspectives about important political and economic issues surrounding the Middle East, (specifically Iran ‘s nuclear schemes combined with Israel’s sometimes faltering relationship with the USA. Speakers included Joe Lieberman, Senator from Connecticut, Dennis Prager the talk show host, Pastor John Hagee, the national organizer of the event, Israeli entrepreneur Jonathan Medved and Gary Bauer, the President of American Values and ardent supporter of Israel. And of course, many other Jews and Christians, We also heard a great outpouring focused on the pending nuclearization of Iran and the oft times mis-information about Israel, Palestinians and terrorism touted in the media.

    On Tuesday night’s, emotional celebration in a “Night to Honor Israel” was incredible!. The outpouring of love for Israel for the country and it’s people from among so many influential Christians combined with the heartfelt appreciation expressed by the Jewish community, was nothing short of incredible!

    As we see the increasing Islamization of Europe and Africa and the concurrent anti-Israel posture of even our traditional allies , Americans would be foolish to think that our own country is not affected by these trends and pressures. The Jewish scriptures tells us in prophecy (Ezekiel and Zechariah) that Israel will enter into a time when she has been abandoned by ALL of the nations. A time will come when all of Israel’s friends will abandon her … If you can believe the bible you might be tempted to realize that that time might be now.. Hopefully not.

    Together, Christians and Jews can join hands to help our own elected officials overcome the pressures brought on by the international trend to abandon Israel to her enemies. At the same time, many unfriendly elements of the Christian Church are advocating “divesting” from Israel as a way to manipulate and humiliate the country and force her to give away yet more land for an elusive “peace”

    Currently, it appears that we (pro Israel communities ) will be facing an increasingly hostile US president. I invite you join a small but growing body of Christians in Delaware and surrounds, to help educate and inform all people about the importance of intelligent Israel advocacy now and in the future. I hope you will want to join us next year at the CUFI Summit.

    Pro- Israel Christians and Jews may disagree about many topics, but we can come together in support of Israel. Both communities can wrap their future around a strong and vigilant Israel to protect democracy in the middle east. For information about what Jews and Christians are doing together in Delaware visit

  317. Irv C on

    Thank you! The world needs our hasbara.
    The sea didn’t split until Nachshon stepped in. I hope a collective
    Nachshon has as great an impact.
    From New Jersey.

  318. Alan W on

    Stirred by the thought of an organization that will not only defend Israel, but — with confidence in its righteousness — advance her cause with daring in place of apology.

  319. Jerry Gordon on

    W-a-a-a-y to go chaveras!

    • Ed on

      I heard about Z Street from Ted Belman and have just posted notice about joining Z Street on our site.

      Thank you,


  320. Bud H on

    Count me in. The State of Israel and the United States are joined at the hip. For the time being the two states are the heart and soul of the Judeo-Christian tradition, although the current Administration in the U.S.A. is clearly hostile to our shared religious, political, and cultural heritage. Without this tradition, there is every reason to believe that the freedom we enjoy in this world would never have emerged.

    Some here have counseled caution about allegiance to political parties, and they are right to do so. Forget the self-appointed elites in the United States. Ordinary people are the place to form alliances.

    As you well know the demographic deck is stacked against us at this time, and the elites fear confronting the reality. We need both countries to be free, strong, and resolute in their dedication to survive and thrive.

  321. Harold R on

    Heard from friends and many blogs and some newspapers. Agree with the stand and your positions. See my letter in the WSJ of June 20/21 (weekend edition) on the Qur’an and supposed negotiations. Does any secular Israeli read the Qur’an and the Hadith and the Sira? American Jews are, by and large, out of it as far as Islam is concerned.
    I suggest a membership fee.

  322. frederica b on

    count me in. bravo, allyson. this is so sorely needed. i am joining.

  323. Warren M on

    Am in complete agreement with your goals and concerns.

  324. Helen A on

    I am not Jewish, but love what Israel stands for and appreciate all that the Jewish people have contributed to civilization. I fear deeply for Israel with this administration. I am with you wholeheartedly. God Bless you.

  325. Judith on

    Excellent idea. Do count me in.

  326. Melody on

    Sign me up! I am a Gentile, non-denominational believer who understands the eternal truth that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people, who are the Chosen Ones, and I support their right to exist as a wholly soveriegn nation.

    My heart is heavy over the fact that the current administration seems hell bent on siding with those who desire to destroy the Jewish state.

    Please know that many true believers are praying for Isreal daily and stand in spritual solidarity, shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish people in this end times fight, which according to prophecy will ultimately determine the fate of the entire world.

    I hope this knowledge will bring you all a measure of peace and bolster your resolve to stand boldly against this tide of darkness in these very uncertain times.


  327. Ray K on

    As one who was active as a leader in the Betar during the days of the Bergson Group, I am with you 100%. Good luck in your work. If I can be of any help, do not hesitate to call on me.

    Ray Kaplan
    A good friend of the late Dave Haimson

  328. Gad Pratt on

    I’m tired of our government trying to appease the Muslims all the

  329. Roger M on

    Yes, I want to join! I live in NYC. Also, Debbie go to the Republican Jewish Coalition Website.

  330. Rhea on

    Baruch hashem. It’s time we Jews stopped hoping for the best from this US Administration and antisemitic world; we need to stand together and demand the right to live anywhere in haaretz (and anywhere else we choose). And G-d bless the righteous gentiles willing to stand with us!

  331. George R on

    Sign me up!

    I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

    I heard about Z Street in the American Thinker article, “Z street”, by Lori Lowenthal Marcus.

    Many thanks for your good work!


  332. Linda Cohen on

    We need to believe in G-d to survive what is coming. Nothing occurs by accident. Hashem is trying to wake us up. Reconnect with Hashem anyway you can. Pray all the jews Wake up immediately. We are one nation.

    • Linda C on

      The Jews were designed by Hashem to be a Light to other Nations. Hashem must be very disturbed by American Jewry. In our Gallut (Exile) we have become so politically correct and assimilated that we are pathetic. The same thing happened in the Egyptian exile and only a small minority of Jews made it to Har Sinai (Mt. Sinai). It is not too late to awaken our sparks. I suggest taking classes in Yiddishkeit, reconnecting with the Torah, and our purpose in life. Do good deeds, study Torah, and wake up to the reality that G-d controls things and is everything. Don’t panic…instead Emuna (Belief) in G-d is needed. I take classes with

      J Street was funded by Soros, a Jew. Obama has been backed by Jews, close to 80% of the Jews voted for him. It is time for us to pray for someone to lead us closer to G-dliness.

  333. Linda C on

    I live in Ft. Collins, Colorado and have always supported Israel and been Zionistic. We cannot blame everything on the politicians who run our country. We are responsible for what is happening and need to organize. I did not vote for Obama. I saw clearly what was coming. Bush with Rice were also a big problem. Giving up Gaza by Sharon was a problem. Too many people and Jews especially are blind to the seriousness of our problems. I truly believe we need to return to our roots as Jews and realize that the only reason we have survived is Hashem’s will.

  334. Mannie S on

    Count me in! Any folks who even remember the name “Peter Bergson” are my kind of folks. Any people who uphold the Bergson Group as one to emulate are people I want to be part of. I’d be proud to be a member,

    I first heard of Z Street on the Web — on Contentions, I think, but I’m not sure. I didn’t realize the group was open to membership until I read Lori Marcus’s fine piece this morning on American Thinker. She’s a powerful writer, but, more important, she’s a Jew with her feet on the ground. Enough already with the leftist luftmenshen and the noodle-brained nebbishes who now afflict Jewry around the world. It’s time for an organization that’s unashamedly pro-Israel and pro-Jewish peoplehood.

    Many, many thanks for what you are doing. I’ll help in any way I can.


  335. Marina S on

    The J Street is a shame for the American Jews. I want to support your efforts to support Israel’s rights against Jew-hatters, Jews and non-Jews.

  336. Frank McL on

    I married an Israeli women this year and have been following the news since I met her. I do not understand how anyone can support the way the Palestinians are acting. How do so many ignore the fact that they are so open about wanting to destroy all Jews. I am totally disgusted with our President and the sheep that are following him. I feel that is time to make a stand and get involved with saving our country and supporting our friends. I am from the Liberal state of Mass. I would like to join Z STREET and begin to make a difference in my area. I go to the American Thinker daily and that is where I read Lori’s article. Keep up the good work. Frank

  337. Linda Y on

    It’s about time! I have been waiting for something like this. Sign me up. I am in San Diego and saw your article on the American Thinker website.

  338. Diana on

    Sign me up-I’m so happy to see this organization (found out about it at American Thinker).

  339. Joseph D R on

    I like what I see so far. The problem for most jews and
    Israelis, as I see it, is that they are not connected
    totally to that which is Judaism. This means g-d, torah
    and Israel. It also means being proud of ones heritage
    and standing strong for Jewish Values.

  340. Betty on

    Please enroll me as a member of Z Street. A Facebook friend turned me on to the site. Israel must never cede land. Never.

  341. Ze'ev Shemer on

    Way to go!!!

  342. j b on

    What is it about “never again” that so many jews don’t understand? Why is it that so many Jews stand up for everyone else but themselves? Maybe this is why Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years. All the elite Jews who worry about the Palestinian Plight…..go live in the Gaza Strip and help them. See what good neighbors they are. Everyone is afraid of male Arab supremacy…..even the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia gives them money with the agreement that they can terrorize anyone they wish as long as it is not in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Why don’t the Jews get it? We are the dumbest smartest group on the planet.
    Hooray for Z street! The real resistance movement to save Israel and America too. We will prevail.

  343. Ariella on

    Debbie what you wrote makes no sense what so ever. Democrat have slowly become our enemy, just wake up and smell the roses, and Evangelicals are the only friends we have left. I am not even going into the discussion of how socialist(democratic) ideology is wrong unnatural and illogical.

    • Debbie Henkin on

      I’m not saying they’re our friends. It’s just that trusting Republicans is even worse. At least the Democrats say their anti-semitic/anti-Israel crap in public. Republicans will kiss your cheek, while they and their rich Arab brethren knife you in the back.

      • RabJayG on


        You make some valid points, but Clinton’s Oslo and its good intentions brought us to where we are now and left thousands of Isrealis dead and wounded. As long as Jews think that they are married to the Democratic Party, you will get Baker’s very publicly stated attitude “F the Jews they don’t vote for us anyway.” Don’t kid yourself, Hillary and most of the other Democratic non-Jews have made the same anti-Semitic statements behind our backs as do Republicans.
        Bush did not strengthen the anti-Americanism of the Arabs. But Obama has definitely given impetus to the Arab dream of the destruction of Israel. The Arab world has been launching attacks on America for over twenty years. Read Dore Gold’s important work “Hatred’s Kingdom.” Clinton and Carter are paid employees of Arab countries. I firmly believe that the future of Jewish-American political power lies with the Republicans, not with the ultra-liberal Democrats.

  344. Debbie Henkin on

    Republicans are not our friends. The only reason they sem to favor Israel is that the new Republican core is evangelical and needs Israel to bring about armageddon.
    Even those who are not idealogically focused do more harm than good. W inadvertently did more harm to Israel as a “friend” than most of our enemies could do intentionally by strengthening and unifying the Muslim world at a time when the US and the West could have had their support.

    • Noam on

      Assuming that the millions of evangelical and fundamentalist Christians support Israel for theological reasons, why should anyone care? They are a great source of political, moral and financial support. They see the Arab and Muslim campaigns against anything Israeli and/or Jewish for the anti-western, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian thing that it is.
      The millions of Christians who have fled the middle-east fully understand the Arab saying “After Saturday comes Sunday”!!!

  345. Jack Lauber on

    I applaud your valiant actions to establish a strong Zionist coalition to support the right of Jews to live anywhere in the lands of Israel. We must confront those who have a politically correct,appeasement,assimilation agendsa, and lack the will and courage to stand up for Israel.

    Please join us at our American Zionists Forum on Yahoo Groups to join with other ardent Zionists in support of Israel.

  346. sol k on

    Halleluyah!!!! Great to see this up and running. Its like a breath of fresh air in a highly polluted room.

    Please advise how I can join.

    San Carlos, Ca. 94070

  347. Jeffrey Z on

    Count me in!

  348. Sophia F on

    Sign me up please. E-mail notifications please.

  349. Sophia Felsenfeld on

    When will American Jews understand that without a strong Israel, Jews have no future?

  350. Joel Kronengold on

    Dear Mr. Axelrod,

    I deeply regret the day that Obama was elected president. He ran a very strong campaign while Mc Cain ran a weak one.

    I and many others feel that he is in the process of turning this country into a Socialist State and I’m sure our forefathers are turning in their graves because of it. He is also apologizing to our enemies while insulting our allies. He is naive enough, or perhaps his Moslem upbringing have him believe that we can convince the Arab Nations to be our friends, while they are laughing at us behind his back. He has told our enemies that he has no intentions of meddling in their affairs because they are sovereign nations, but it’s alright for him to Meddle in Israel’s (the only true ally and Democracy in the Middle East) affair. Israel also happens to be a sovereign nation and he has no right to dictate where Jews are allowed to live in that country, especially in united Jerusalem which is the capital of Israel. What would Obama do if Mexico would raise such a fuss and demands that we give New Mexico back to them. The UN, being the sad joke that they are, sympathizes with the Mexicans and orders all Americans out of New Mexico, would he obey?

    I would also like to remind Obama that the Arabs supported the Nazis during WW 2, and supported the Russians during the Cold War. That tells me that they support dictatorship and Democracy is a threat to their way of life.

    Jimmy Carter, up to now, has been known as the worst president in the 20th century. I believe that Obama will be known as the worst president in this century. I and many others are looking for election day in 2012 to vote him out of office.

    • Nili Gitig on

      My sentiments exactly. I cannot wait for election day 2012. Maybe, just maybe the Democrats will be smart enough to replace him with another candidate. If not I hope the republicans put up a strong candidate who can defeat him. His lack of knowledge of history is appaling. His disregard for Jewish history is disgraceful.

      Nili Gitig
      Huntington, LI, NY

  351. Alexis W on

    Our people are coming home!–Once more, a proud, strong, free nation on the Land promised to us by the Creator of the universe. The children of Israel are returning from all over the earth, after 2000 years or more of exile. Daily life is conducted in the ancient holy tongue. We are privileged to be living in a time of great danger and unfolding miracles, much like the time of the Exodus out of Egypt.
    My commendations to the founders of Z Street. Please add me to your ranks. I will be happy to make the largest donation I can, as soon as Paypal is up and running.

  352. Joan S on

    Good for Lori for starting this all-important organization. I’ve already spreaad the word and will coninue to do so. Please sign me up.

  353. smokefire on

    Northeastern Connecticut.
    Closest City, Providence, RI, USA.
    Will contribute via mail.

  354. SteveM on

    Count me in!!

    Land address or Paypal…either one is good

    Washington DC area

  355. marion a on

    God Bless Israel

  356. Gilad on

    I want to be a member. I live in Nashville, TN.

    • charles c on

      I am in favour of your work and wish to join. We need a positive voice in support of Istael in The US and Canada
      Charles Cohen

  357. Howard F on

    How do I join? Yasher Koach.

  358. Ann G on

    Sign me up. Land address please.

  359. Ann Green on

    Jews must consider the unthinkable: voting Republican! The other party knows they can push us around and we will still give them 78% of our vote. Anyone who didn’t see this coming was blind. No offense intended to blind people.

  360. Alan B on

    I’d love to join and be among friends of Israel and Democracy

  361. LEE BENDER on

    It’s about time and refreshing to see an organization stand up and pronounce that Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish state in its own homeland, be proud of it, proclaim it, and fight against the sick, twisted, vicious enemies who are aligned against Israel- and for that matter the Jewish people- and who give solace and comfort to the terrorists, Islamofascists, true enemies of freedom, democracy, tolerance, human rights and peace.

  362. Nurit Greenger on

    For 2000 years the Jewish will yearned to return to the Land of Israel. In 1948 the new Jewish State has emerged, a State, an equal among the family of nations, built on a two thousand year old Jewish heritage. The time is now to take charge and make the changes needed so we do not end up losing what we yearned for 2000 years: to be a free nation, in our homeland, the land of Zion and Jerusalem. We must vitalize our eternal Jewish spirit, so it engulfs us all once again, thus inspiring hope and bringing about renewal.

  363. Mark S on

    wish to help bring zionists from the state of michigan to the oct. 27th rally. wish to join.

  364. Aliza H on

    I’d like to be in touch with Z Street about an Israeli initiative to hold a conference in Washington D.C. about alternatives to the “two state solution” which many MKs have already committed themselves to attending.
    I’d like to pay dues by land mail.
    Aliza Herbst

  365. Yosef K on

    I want to join

  366. Imre Herzog on

    We have to unite and fight for the rights and future of our Jewish State

  367. Dan D on

    Would like to join.

  368. shimon r on

    keep up the good work!

  369. edward w on

    baruch hashem.Col HAkvod.We are a proud settler family of US citizens living in a settlement beyween Jerusalem and Jericho.We have 200 plus families living in the Promised Land of Greater Israel. Last week we learned in Parsha Mattos that Moshe Rabbenu gave permission to Jews to settle east of the Jordan River. Of course,HaShem told Avraham Avinu that Eretz Israel would extend to the Euphrates River. Please enroll me in Z Street.

  370. Miguel F on

    From Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Publish a Pay-Pal address already.

  371. alan a on

    dedicated Zionist

  372. Tom L on

    I am a Canadian and would like to stay in touch because I share your views and believe we need much more robust action.

  373. Rabbi J Hausman on

    Lori and Allison,

    I look forward to working with you.

    Yours in freedom.

    Rabbi Jon Hausman

  374. Diane D on

    Enough talk!

    If there’s a group that’s serious about standing up for Israel (not just for the parts of Israel that the U.S. president and the Muslims are willing to ignore for the time being); setting clear boundaries for what it means to be pro-Israel (a concept that has lost all meaning and definition in recent years); and refusing to capitulate on the rights of Jews in their own stare … then count me in!

    Find me in Chicago …
    Contact me by email …

    Am Yisroel Chai!

  375. Barbara S on

    I want to join. Please give me an address to mail a check.

  376. Barbara S on

    The liberal Jewish Community has failed to pass Judaism to the next generation. We are left with a massive number of ignorant, self destructive and self hating Jews. These people have hooked on to every “ism”, Communism. Socialism, Liberalism—every ‘ism” but Judaism and Zionism. Down with the conventional leadership.

  377. mark s d on

    Sign me up.

  378. Ariella on

    I would like to join:

    newtown(Philadelphia area), pa, USA

  379. Herb G on

    send address

  380. joseph s on

    Good luck with your organization.

  381. Henry L on

    I am delighted that there is an organization committed to truth, common sense, and self-defense among friends of Israel. Even the largest Jewish groups in America are too PC to speak the truth and say what needs to be said. I would very much like to join Z Street. Please let me know how.

    Newton, MA

    • JewishOdysseus on

      Henry, I used to live in Newton! [02158] Now I’m in central Florida.

      I agree w/you 110%, amigo!

      BTW, isn’t it great how Cong Frank is Obama’s biggest shill?!

  382. Steve on

    Congratulations! We will be linking you to our popular web site on “the other side of Israel” We have podcasts and blogs on life in Israel.

    Great to see we finally have an organization that understands what needs to be done in order to take back the narrative from the so-called “pro-Israel” other street.

    Mazel Tov

    Steve Ornstein

  383. Debbie on

    I would like to join. I’m an attorney (civil not criminal, although I’m affiliated with a criminal attorney) in Brooklyn, NY, and would be willing to offer my services if needed.



  384. Edward R on

    Please help me become a member!!!

    I am from Southington, CT

  385. ALAN G on

    i want to join, add my name to your email list, now.
    kol tuv,

  386. Simon F on

    I want to become a member. Finally, Jews willing to stand up for fellow Jews, without excuses, hand ringing, or qualifying statements.

    I’m in Washington DC. Happy to contribute.

  387. Sima on

    Hello, I’d like to join Z Street. I’ll probably pay over the web, I don’t have PayPal. We need more pro-active organizations. I live near San Diego, CA

  388. Stephen R on

    Bruchim habaim and welcome. Wish you only hatzlacha. Lori, continue your incredible work.
    Steve Rubin

  389. Rick S. G on

    Thanks for the great efforts at supporting the Jewish people!!!

  390. esther k on

    hi guys
    so glad to see this webiste up and running! with allyson and lori heading this up, its bound to be a success. someone has to stand up to those Jstreet idiots who think appeasement is the answer. thank you for doing this
    esther kandel

  391. gs don m on

    Congratulations-I am with you and wish you all the best-your site will provide much needed energy in the PR defense of Israel and I am proud to join you-don

  392. Marilyn G on

    I live in NYC and am frustrated that Israel has no defenders in Jewish leadership.

    • Leonard R on

      Please add my email address to your subscriber list. I live outside of Boston MA and I follow CAMERA and other pro-Israel sites. Yours looks just what we need, and I’ll forward your info to my friends.

    • Mordecai S on

      I stand with Israel. I want to join.

      Mordecai Silver
      Las Cruces, New Mexico

    • Charles on

      APAC just wants the money.

      J Street is idealist socialist.

      Z Street should have a sole and focused purpose.

      • Nili G on

        I am a strong supporter of AIPAC and am offended by your statement “AIPAC just wants the money” What do you think they do with the money? put it in their personal pockets and party? Of course they need money to function and do their jobs. Their lobbyists are on capitol hill every single day, speaking with politicians on Israel’s behalf. They take politicians to Israel on fact finding missions and educate them about Israel. They cannot do all that without money. AIPAC is the best friend Israel has in the U.S. I support many Jewish and pro Israel organizations and have joined Z Street as well but one does not negate the other and putting down an organization like AIPAC is ridiculous.

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