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Nov. 5, 2009

Dear Friends of Israel,
You have a perfect opportunity to show your support of Israel, support for the Jewish people, and to thank the New York Mets (sounds strange, but it’s true!) for standing up against intimidation by defamers of Israel, posing as “civil and human rights” activists.
Left-wing internet activists have whipped up their followers to barrage the Mets players and leaders with demands that they cancel a pro-Israel event to be held at Citi Field on November 21st.  That union of haters includes those who actively encourage boycotts of and divestment from Israel,  ardent supporters of Yasir Arafat, and public figures who claimed Jewish “money” pushed the US into the war in Iraq.
BUT THE METS HAVE STOOD UP TO THOSE THREATS!  Let’s send them letters thanking them, let’s show that we won’t be intimidated and let’sgo to the event affirming our ties to and support for Hebron, and let’s share this information with everyone we know!
Say THANK YOU for rejecting the hate-monger organizations’ request to cancel the fundraiser for the Jewish Community of Hebron.  By standing with the Hebron Fund you are standing with the Jewish Community and with Israel.Thank you for stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run for truth and the Jewish people!
Mets contact info:
New York Mets
Citi Field
Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11368-1699
(718) 507-8499

To participate at The Hebron Fund Dinner–
Saturday Evening, November 21, 2009 Caesar’s Club at
Citi Field, Flushing Meadow Park,  Queens, New York
Join us in paying tribute to the heroic Jewish Community of Hebron
and to our dedicated honorees:
Reception & Buffet Dinner    Couvert $300 per person   RSVP     Free Parking
For DINNER Information & Registration go to: http://www.hebronfund.com

We need to be vigilant, keep your eyes open, keep us informed of important issues.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

Activists to the NY Mets: ‘Racism ain’t amazin’! Strike out the Hebron Fund!’

From Adalah-NY:
New York, NY, November 4, 2009 – Eleven organizations from the US, Palestine and Israel have called on baseball’s New York Mets to cancel a November 21st dinner at the Caesars Club at Citi Field for the Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund. The dinner is a fundraiser for Israeli settlers in the Israeli-occupied West Bank City of Hebron. In a letter sent to the Mets on November 3rd, the groups said, “The New York Mets will be facilitating activities that directly violate international law and the Obama administration’s call for a freeze in settlement construction, and that actively promote racial discrimination, and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homes in Hebron.” Seven hundred Israeli settlers, living amidst 150,000 Palestinians in Hebron, are expanding their hold on the historic old city by driving out the Palestinian residents.
The groups added that “It would be a tragic irony for an event funding Israeli settlers’ violent actions and discriminatory policies against Palestinians to be held at Caesars Club which,according to the Mets, “sits directly on top of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda,” which was named “in honor of Jackie Robinson, the… great American who broke baseball’s color barrier.” The Mets and Major League Baseball promote Robinson’s legacy, including Robinson’s value of “Justice: Treating all people fairly, no matter who they are.” Mets owner Fred Wilpon has explained in the past that, as a 16 year-old, meeting Jackie Robinson was an experience that never left him. “As a kid, a nothing, he treated me with all of that dignity that he treated everyone else in his life.”
On the Hebron Fund webpage, clicking on the symbol which says “Give to Hebron” leads to adonations page on the website for the Jewish Community of Hebron which says, among other things, “keep Hebron Jewish for the Jewish people.” In a report on Hebron, the Israeli human rights organizations B’Tselem and ACRI have labeled the demands of Hebron’s settlers as “racist.” Hebron settlement leader Moshe Levinger, praised in a Hebron Fund dinner video, has been quoted saying,“The Arabs know to behave like good boys around us.” Hebron Fund Executive Director Yossi Baumol also made very derogatory comments about Arabs in a 2007 interview.
The signers of the letter include Adalah-NY, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Brooklyn For Peace, Coalition of Women for Peace (Israel), CODEPINK Women for Peace, Gush Shalom (Israel), Jews Against the Occupation-NYC, Jewish Voice for Peace, Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (Palestine), US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and WESPAC Foundation. The letter was cced and sent to Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Middle East Envoy George Mitchell, who has a history of involvement with Major League Baseball, and Rachel Robinson, Jackie Robinson’s wife.
The letter explains that reviewing last year’s and this year’s Hebron Fund dinner shows that some dinner honorees support violence and terrorizing Palestinians. In 1990, Noam Arnon, who is to be honored at the dinner, called three Israelis who were convicted of killing three Arabs and maiming two Palestinian mayors in car bombings “heroes.” In a video on the Hebron Fund website, 2008 dinner honoree Myrna Zisman pays tribute to Hebron settler Yifat Alkoby. Alkoby became famous worldwide in 2006 when she was videotaped in Hebron terrorizing and calling a Palestinian woman and girl “whores” who were caged inside their own home as protection from settler attacks. In another video featuring 2008 dinner honorees, three children who appear to be the honorees’ children are briefly shown holding guns and smiling.
All Israeli settlements violate international law, according to a broad international consensus. The Hebron Fund’s dinner invitation says, “Join us in support of Hebron and in protest of today’s building freeze in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank].” In a September, 2008 radio interview,the Hebron Fund’s Yossi Baumol explained, “There are real facts on the ground that are created by people helping the Hebron Fund and coming to our dinners.”
Washington Post columnist David Ignatius recently highlighted the Hebron Fund and noted that, “critics of Israeli settlements question why American taxpayers are supporting indirectly, through the exempt contributions, a process that the government condemns. A search of IRS records identified 28 U.S. charitable groups that made a total of $33.4 million in tax-exempt contributions to settlements and related organizations between 2004 and 2007.” The Hebron Fund has been the subject of complaints to the I.R.S. regarding its tax-exempt status. The complaints request investigations of allegations that it raises funds for the development of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. The Israeli organization Gush Shalom recently urged the National Lawyers Guild, an American organization, to encourage American tax authorities to strip US non-profits that support Israeli settlements of their tax-exempt status.


Today the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly for  H.R. 867 condemning the UN Goldstone Report.  Here is the essence of that Resolution:

Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

(1) considers the ‘‘Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict’’ to be

irredeemably biased and unworthy of further consideration or legitimacy;

(2) supports the Administration’s efforts to combat anti-Israel bias at the United Nations, its characterization of the ‘‘Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict’’ as‘‘unbalanced, one-sided and basically unacceptable’’, and its opposition to the resolution on the report;

(3) calls on the President and the Secretary of

State to continue to strongly and unequivocally oppose any endorsement of the ‘‘Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict’’ in multilateral fora, including through leading opposition to any United Nations General Assembly resolution and through vetoing, if necessary, any United Nations Security Council resolution that endorses the contents of this report, seeks to act upon the recommendations contained in this report, or calls on any other international body to take further action regarding this report;

(4) calls on the President and the Secretary of State to strongly and unequivocally oppose any further consideration of the ‘‘Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict’’ and any other measures stemming from this report in multilateral fora; and

(5) reaffirms its support for the democratic, Jewish State of Israel, for Israel’s security and right to self-defense, and, specifically, for Israel’s right to defend its citizens from violent militant groups and their state sponsors.

And here are the ones who did not vote for it, either voting against it, voting present, or not voting:

—- NAYS    36 —






Carson (IN)



Davis (KY)



Edwards (MD)





Johnson, E. B.

Kilpatrick (MI)


Lee (CA)





Miller, George

Moran (VA)


Pastor (AZ)


Price (NC)



















Johnson (GA)




Lofgren, Zoe







—- NOT VOTING    30 —




Barrett (SC)


Brady (PA)



Davis (AL)

Davis (TN)

Deal (GA)

Gordon (TN)


Hall (NY)


Meeks (NY)

Murphy, Patrick





Pingree (ME)

Price (GA)

Sánchez, Linda T.







Z STREET on J Street, Day 2.  Oct. 27, 2009

Today class, we learned that it is imperative, it absolutely must, must, must happen that a Palestinian state be created in two years, no, scratch that, tomorrow.    In fact, this gathering of J Streetlings are speeding up the plans so fast that I’m afraid I may be rapidly aging as I sit here.  First the idea was J Street is “pro peace” and “pro-Israel.”  Then we learned that the whole pro-Israel part can be jettisoned if we can gain more adherents to the “presto Palestiners,” the ones who want not only to create a state called Palestine for a people they call Palestinians, but they want to do it now.  And during just the course of the last 40+ hours the timeframe literally went from indefinite, to two years, to NOW.

In fact, the whole peace process idea is outre’.  Chaim Ramon, former “Disengagement” cheerleader and vice premier under Olmert (yes, he of tongue thrust fame, but why is it that these “progressives” only care about sexual harassment when it is rightwingers who are doing the harassment? yecchhh.) told the crowd at the “Why 2 States? Why Now?” gathering that the whole peace process thing should not get in the way of removing more Jews from the land.

Two more points for now, one important and one truly repulsive.  The more important one is that the consensus here, at least amongst the presenters at this conference, is that it is the job of the Community Organizer in Chief to impose a solution on the “dysfunctional” parties (oow, yes, it is okay here not only to call Netanyahu dysfunctional, but for those who are not still stuck on the progressive scale at only a reading of 5, i.e. those who are still calling Abbas a true peace partner, the more advanced ones are comfortable calling him dysfunctional.  Or at least the PA political process is.)

So, here comes the march of the progressive hegemons, willing to use the power of the great and mighty United States, the super-duper power, to impose its view of what is best on the Israelis and the Palestinians, and to do so with teeth.  Sanctions, the crowd eagerly asked?  We’ll have to see where that conversation goes.

But perhaps the presenter who won the prize for most abnoxious Master of the Cerebral Universe is Bernard Avishai.  I can’t do his portrait justice right now, but let me just say that he was the ONLY presenter who rejected the description of what everyone claims makes it  worth the sacrifices Israel must make, is so that Israel remains Jewish and democratic ( because let’s not forget about the demography bogeyman.)  Nope, Avishai started to say that phrase and, quite deliberately, rephrased it as a “democratic state with a Jewish character.”  Great.  Now Israel is expected to make sacrifices like removing parts of its limbs for…RYE BREAD?  He was practically spitting about Israel’s intentional efforts to stifle “economic development in Palestine.”  Apparently for Avishai, Israel is truly the source of all evil in the Middle East.

Lots to write about the divergence between how J Street is being promoted by its leadership, and the direction the J Streetlings are taking it – they are rushing past

Oh, and one kind of amusing note.  As I traveled down the escalators this morning I heard several women complaining that most of the panels were  all men.  Apparently that was quite a topic on the sidelines because during one presentation one of the questioners called the panelists on  it.  So, same old, same old.  Even the progressives are controlled by white males.  But I did see plenty of women in the audiences.  And there were more women than men wearing kippot.  And more women than men with long gray ponytails. And I saw one participant wearing a rainbow kippa and a keffiya – she certainly was special.

more analysis over the next few days…

Lori Lowenthal Marcus, finally back home on Z STREET.


Here I am at the J Street Conference – it is now midday and although my head is spinning and there is so much to weave together, I’ll give you just some of the highlights:

Impressions from opening night:

– This new alliance of progressive Jewish Americans are here to tell you that they are the annointed ones who will bring peace to the Holy Land if only the world will shut up and let them work their magic.  Never mind that the magic is never defined beyond “two states for two people,” and that the goal is to “remold Israel into a state of social justice, a state where people do right” and where everyone will “model core Jewish values” of  “peace and outstretched arms to our neighbors.”

Hmmm.  Well, those are core humanist values, perhaps core progressive values, and values that many Jews hold dear, but those are not the core Jewish values.  And that’s the biggest problem with this whole J Street charade of representing the “New Jewish” response to the conflict in the Middle East.  Unless New Jewish means “not Jewish” in the same way that some people refer to the New Israel Fund as the “No Israel Fund.”  There is nothing inherently and solely Jewish about the J Street approach.  A perfect example of this was offered by Daniel Sokatch who is, not coincidentally, the new president of the New Israel Fund, a pea in the pod along J Street.

Here’s the shorthand for the issue, and later I will go into detail about how this theme plays out over and over again at this gathering.

Perhaps the best known biblical quotation, at least amongst non-observant Jews, and the one focused on by Sokatch,  is  “Justice, Justice Shalt Thou Pursue.” Deut. 16:20.   This is the very core of Judaism, he explained to those gathered in the Washington D.C. Grand Hyatt at the kick-off of the J Street conference.  But, perhaps unknown to Sokatch (maybe because all the lithographs and needlepoints only include these words), the phrase continues “so that you shall inherit the land.”  Yes, that really is a core value of Judaism, and the land is Israel.

The ultimate inability to differentiate between what these New Jews want to call Jewish values and what are actually the core values of Judaism, is offensive.  To say the least.

A few little tidbits from today’s sessions:

Hamas and Hezbollah must be included in the so-called Arab Peace Plan – a comprehensive regional plan that Israel must have forced on it by the wise Americans united under the Community Organizer in Chief.  And what will Israel get out of committing itself to a peace process not only with the Arab Palestinians, but one that also includes all of the other Arab countries in the region?    Yes, you heard it here (well, actually I heard it here, but I’m telling you), what Israel has to gain is: ‘THE FULL AND COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE OF ISRAEL IN THE MIDDLE EAST.”  Alvaro de Soto, the Former Chief Middle East Envoy for the United Nations.

From grotesque to repulsive:  In a panel on How Jews, Christians and Muslims Can Work Together For Peace, the moderator, Ron Young (co-founder National Interreligious Leadership Initiative for Peace) made two simply astounding comments.  First, in his opening anecdote (they all start with anecdotes, not a bad strategy, except when it is a bad anecdote) Young said that he had just seen a film at Theater J called “Pangs of the Messiah.”  He told us he wants to make a follow-up film called, “Please Messiah, Stay Home.”  No joke.  Just a few moments later Young mentioned evangelical Christians, specifically Rev. Hagee , who Young said, “leads a group called ‘Christians United to Take Israel to Hell.'”   This panel couldn’t quite keep straight whether religion should be used to lead to a peaceful resolution or if it is religion that is the problem.  Interesting panel.  Actually, not really.

On to more sessions: Maybe “Iran: Is Diplomacy Working?”  or “Palestinian Economic Development: Path to Peace or Diversion? ” No joke.  They’re trying to fool the Arab Palestinians into forgetting about their oppression through the wicked wiles of economic development.  I think I’ll have to check that out.

Daily Bread Oct. 22 – Iran just says NO.”

List is updated as legislators (wisely) remove their names. AND A GROWING # ARE DOING SO! !


Please send a fax or make a phone call (or, last choice, send an email) to your elected official if on the list below.  The members of congress on this list are endorsing the J Street conference by lending their good name to an organization which claims to be “pro-peace and pro-Israel,” but is nothing of the kind.

Here is my letter.  Please produce your own version – it can be as few as 3 – 5 lines long.


Sen/Rep. ______,

The relatively new organization J Street, is currently using what it boasts is your endorsement to promote itself as a mainstream vehicle for positive change in the Middle East.  But the policies being promoted by J Street are not, as it claims, “pro-peace and, pro-Israel.”   In fact, the J Street conference with which your name is linked features a speaker who blamed Israel for 9/11, and a “poet” who equates the US with the Nazi regime.

Here are details of the conference J Street claims you support.

Muslim Public Affairs Council leader Salam al-Marayati will deliver a lecture at the J Street conference being held October 25 – 28th.  Al-Marayati publicly claimed that Israel attacked the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and he has also publicly praised Hezbollah, a group on the official U.S. terrorist list.  Is this a “pro-peace” or “pro-Israel” organization?

The J Street conference will also feature Josh Healey, whose “poetry” equates the US with Hitler and his Final Solution plans.  He says “Guantanamo is Aushwitz,” and he also compared what happened to Anne Frank to the tragedy of Matthew Shepard.  Anne Frank died because of official Nazi government policy; Shepard died at the hands of malevolent individuals who were prosecuted by the US government.

J Street seeks effectively endless “negotiations” over Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, and refuses to identify a time when that tactic should be replaced with, as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for, “crippling sanctions.”  Iran poses a direct and immediate threat to Israel and only later, but most assuredly, one to the US.

J Street also wants Jews banned from living in certain parts of Jerusalem, a policy that would be in flagrant violation of the Civil Rights laws if imposed in the United States.

Over the past week nearly a dozen US elected officials*, when provided with the information above, have removed their names from the list of those endorsing J Street and its October conference.

Your good name is your most important asset; don’t let that be damaged by an association with J Street’s wrong-headed policies.


  • Last week the following members of congress withdrew their names from the host committee for the J Street Conference Gala:

The Honorable Chuck Schumer (NY)

The Honorable Thad Cochran (MS)

The Honorable Kirsten Gillibrand (NY)

The Honorable Blanche Lincoln (AR)

The Honorable Leonard Boswell (IA-03)

The Honorable Michael Castle (DE-AL)

The Honorable Michael McCaul (TX-10)

The Honorable Mike Ross (AR-04)

The Honorable John Salazar ((CO-03)

The Honorable Ed Towns (NY – 10)

The Honorable Kay Hagen (NC)

Hon. Geoff Davis (KY)

Hon. Howard  Coble (NC)

Check out the “DAILY BREAD” for significant articles of the day.

“It’s on Z STREET” has articles written about or by Z STREET.

For information about we have been doing lately and what is coming up, please check out the “Members Only” section.  As the name suggests, you can only see what’s there if you have a password; the password is given out once you have paid your $18 membership dues.  IF ANYONE HAS PAID THEIR DUES AND HASN’T RECEIVED THE PASSWORD, LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY AND WE WILL GET IT TO YOU.





As I have written to so many of you, the time is right for us to recast the “pro-Israel” mold of apologies and appeasement to one of strength and conviction.

To find out how you can help ensure that our voice is raised above the din of the appeasologists, join in the discussion. Visit the site often, follow what we are doing and post your thoughts and suggestions.

For  those who choose to send dues/donations by land mail, make out the check to Z STREET and send to this address:


13551-D Riverside Drive #686

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Keep checking in.  We read every comment.



18 comments so far

  1. Hymie Zoltsveis on

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009 (From Atlas Shrugs Blog
    J Street is a Dead End as rats jump ship
    The vile anti-Jewish J Street is being shunned by K street, Congress, and anyone with an ounce of basic human decency. Only Obama sanctioned this stain on humanity. Another revolting notch in the belt of the enemy in the White House. Daniel F sent this:

    They’re heading for the exits at anti-Zionist George Soros’s vanity production, J Street. The Weekly Standard has the latest tally of politicians who no longer want their names associated with the ersatz outfit’s “conference” being held next week. The list is growing. And the JPost reports that Israel’s Ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, has declined J Street’s invitation too, citing concerns that “certain policies of the organization…may impair the interests of Israel.”

    Looking back, this is the unwinding of the unwarranted street cred Obama bestowed on the sham leftwing group at his meeting with Jewish leaders in July. Recall, as punishment for questioning his Israel policies, Obama excluded the venerable (and conservative) Zionist Organization of America to make room for his benefactor Soros.

    The Weekly Standard is keeping tally:

    The list of senators and representatives that have withdrawn their names from the host committee now stands at eleven, including both Democratic and Republican members. J Street has also cancelled a panel, rescinding invitations to three speakers whose “use and abuse of Holocaust imagery,” first noted on this blog, was deemed potentially “offensive to some conference participants” by J Street director Jeremy Ben-Ami. How many more people will bail on this “pro-Israel” conference before it starts on Sunday?

    The full list of members who’ve pulled their support from J Street:

    Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)
    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
    Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
    Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS)
    Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE)
    Rep. Mike Ross (D-AR)
    Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX)
    Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA)
    Rep. John Salazar (D-CO)
    Rep. Ed Towns (D-NY)
    Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC)

  2. Shlomo Eliyahu on

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Michael J. W. on

    I am proud to be a new member. Please keep me informed of any and all events, news and happenings.

    I stomp on jstreet !

  4. Simantov2003 on

    J-Steet has formed another group to monitor what they call “smears” against Obama’s Middle East policies.


    Sounds like the recently canceled campaign to record “fishy” information about Obamacare.

  5. smokefire on


    Being a firefighter of 35+ years, I want to post this just in case there are any of you out there that might want to contribute to the “Brothers and Sisters” on the job in Israel. They have a tough job, maybe tougher than some of us here in the US, but that is a subjective assesment.


  6. ivan w on

    I have finally joined having negotiated Paypal

    You now have a member in ‘Bradistan’ West Yorks UK

    • Lori Lowenthal Marcus on

      Thanks Ivan, my bad. Now it’s fixed.

  7. Carol B on

    It’s an honor and a privilege to be among Zionists who want to protect Israel’s right to exist and to publish the ungarnished truth about the state of Israel. I received an email from Naomi Ragen with the Women in Green notifying me of your website. I’m praying that the secular Jews, particularly, in America will wise up before it’s too late! If the U.S. continues to push Israel to accept a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, that will be the end of our nation as we now know it. Shalom, Carol

  8. Goel J on

    I think you guys are doing great work!

  9. Sonia on

    From South Africa. I love Israel and the Jewish people. I want to join.

  10. rachelle kirschner on

    This is a great antidote to JStreet! Besides making our voices heard, I believe we have to take a stand about our own leadership. When our leaders acquiesce to international demands and have the audacity to agree in theory to a PA state on our land,they are implying that this land is not our inheritance and therefore not rightfully ours. We can make our voices heard all we want, but if we have no say in leadership,nothing will change. So, I think it would be great if we help support change in our leadership by supporting Moshe Feiglin, who would like to run against Bibi in the next internal Likud elections. He can help bring to fruition the kind of nation we were destined to be. I can arrange an interview with him if you like.

  11. Nili on

    Kol Hakavod.It’s about time someone in Amrica Jewry stood up and said don’t be silent like the American Jews of the 1940’s. I have been saying this to friends for the past few years. I follow Pamela’s blog, Jihad Watch, Honest Reporting, UCI,Act for America, etc. on a daily basis and send out emails to my contacts making them aware of the most important stories that I read. I send letters to the White House and Congress on a regular basis. I am a firm believer that we must make our voices heard. We cannot just stand idly by and watch Israel be sold down the river by America’s leftist leaning liberals who think it is “proper” to be understanding of another people’s plight, even if those people hate us and want to kill us. The current administration is naive, ill informed, uneducated in Jewish history, and totally in dreamland. We must contact our elected representatives tirelessly, to educate and demand that Israel be treated with respect and loyalty as a close ally should be treated.

  12. Bruce S. T on

    I wish you luck. Please let me know how I can help.

    I do have this request. Please add the release of Gilad Shalit as one of your objectives.

  13. Albert B on

    Thank you for creating Z ST — I am so sick and tired of self-reviling left-wing Jews joining in with anti-semites and pandering to the building of worldwide animosity towards Israel hoping to gain it’s delegitimization and ultimate destruction, as called for by none other than their ally, Al-Queda chief Zalmon al-Zawahiri!
    Long live Israel, and to the wall with the likes of George Soros, et al!

  14. Alan R on

    It is about time an organized plan is being developed to effectively combat the negativism surrounding Israel and it’s existence. In support of this effort I would be pleased to be counted as a member from Regina SK Canada. Kol HaKavod!

  15. nadia matar on

    Dear Z street activists

    Kol Hakavod! Good Luck

    Let’s join forces.

    Below are a few words of encouragement.
    be in touch,
    With love for Israel,
    nadia Matar
    Women in Green

    Instructions for unsubscribing can be found in the footer of this message.


    Tishah be-Av Night, 5769 (2009)

    Different Kinds of Crying
    Speech by Nadia Matar, Women in Green, at the Tisha be-Av night March Around the Walls

    On Tishah be-Av, it was decreed that the Israelites in the wilderness would not enter Eretz Israel because of the sin of the spies. Ten of the spies slandered the Land, and the people’s response was: “The whole community broke into loud cries, and the people wept that night” (Numbers 14:1). Rabbah said, in the name of R. Johanan: That day was the Ninth of Av. The Holy One, blessed be He, said: They wept for nothing, therefore I will set it aside for weeping throughout the generations to come (Taanit 29a).”

    It was their crying that prevented their entry to Eretz Israel.

    In contrast, we also read of another kind of weeping (Jeremiah 31:15):

    “A cry is heard in Ramah – wailing, bitter weeping – Rachel weeping for her children. She refuses to be comforted for her children, who are gone. Thus said the Lord: Restrain your voice from weeping, your eyes from shedding tears; for there is a reward for your labor, declares the Lord: they shall return from the enemy’s land. And there is hope for your future, declares the Lord: your children shall return to their country.”

    We see, then, there are different kinds of crying.

    There is negative crying. Crying that prevents our entry to the Land, as in the sin of the spies. Weeping out of weakness, the weeping of a lack of faith in the justness of our cause, the crying out of fear of the non-Jews, the crying of the fear to declare that this Land belongs to us.

    And there is positive weeping, such as Rachel’s weeping – weeping, by merit of which G-d rewarded her: “your children shall return to their country.” By its merit, we return to Eretz Israel. The weeping of longings for Eretz Israel. The weeping of the refusal to accept the disaster of the Galut (the Exile), the refusal to be consoled before matters are rectified. The weeping of resolution. The weeping that is not crying for its own sake, but that of action, action on behalf of Eretz Israel. “There is a reward for your labor” – when we act on behalf of Eretz Israel, then “there is hope for your future.” Only when we act on behalf of Eretz Israel, only then, “your children shall return to their country.”

    This is the fifteenth year that Women in Green have held this event on Tishah be-Av night. An event in which we take an oath of loyalty to Eretz Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. Like a bride who encircles the groom under the wedding canopy, so, too, we encircle the Temple Mount, the place of our Temple. What haven’t we experienced in those fifteen years – Oslo, Wye, the road map, the expulsion from Gush Katif and northern Samaria, and other plans of slandering Eretz Israel devised by grasshopper-like leaders, by those leaders seeking to curry favor, crybabies, some motivated by baseless hatred, while others are simply weak leaders who are incapable of withstanding the pressure of our enemies. All of them have caused the people and the Land much suffering, mourning, and weeping.

    Today, when we hear that the nations of the world are once again assaulting us, with the aim of choking, drying up, expelling, and destroying, and our political leaders once again respond with the crying of weakness and fear, there is only a single way to rectify the sin of the spies: it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to participate in activities on behalf of Eretz Israel. Eretz Israel is the burning issue now.

    And, if anyone still needs proof: look, what a wonder! The peoples of the world are not interested in the genocide in Sudan, or the blatant human rights violations in Iran, or the nuclear threat that hangs over all of us. Nor do the peoples of the world care if all the Jews were to study Torah, put on tefilin, or repent. But if five Jews go to some hill in Judea or Samaria and build a shack there – the entire United Nations, the European Union, Amnesty International, and the Obama administration all hysterically cry out “Gevalt!” This is Number One on the world agenda now – stopping Jewish life in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem, severing the people of Israel from the Land of Israel. How ironic. The non-Jews understand the importance of Eretz Israel in the process of redemption to an even greater extent than do many of us.

    This, therefore, is the message of Tishah be-Av, 5769 : enough with the negative crying, defeatism, folding up. We are following in the path of Rachel. We are going over to positive action for Eretz Israel, because only in this way will we rectify the sin of the spies and return to every place in Eretz Israel. What does this mean? Every little thing connected with the struggle for Eretz Israel, both in speech and in deed, exerts some influence. Tremendous forces are inherent in our people. They just need to be actualized.

    There are infinite examples of action:

    * Now is the time, for example, to move to Judea and Samaria. Whoever can, will build a house, another floor, another apartment. There aren’t permits? Then build without permits.

    * If we hear of a house in danger, we come to defend it. Such a house, for example, is that of Tamar and Mudi Bibi in Netiv ha-Avot in Elazar, Gush Etzion. There might be a struggle there at any moment. We will be there.

    * You heard about the struggle for Jewish Shdema, the place between Har Homa and Jerusalem that the Arabs are trying to steal from us. The Committee for Jewish Shdema, together with Women in Green and the Action Committees, has been active for more than a year, and conducts activities at the site that increase the Jewish presence. Come, be partners in the struggle.

    * Now is the time to strengthen the outposts. The outposts defend the settlements, and the settlements in Judea and Samaria defend Tel Aviv.

    The list goes on and on – only, let’s not sink into crying and inaction.

    G-d says, There is a reward for your activity – that is, we must act.

    I wish to thank all the members who helped with the preparations for the march, and to the many who spread the information, in e-mails and on the Internet – thanks to you, the march was a success.

    We will conclude with a quote from a flyer that appeared in Ha-Hazit, the Lehi (Lohamei Herut Yisrael) publication, from Adar 5705 (1945), that is just as relevant today:

    Our Land Will Not Be Cut Up, Will Not Be Sliced Apart, Will Not Be Divided

    Was there any other land in the world that was meant to be a homeland for a nation in ancient and distant times, when G-d descended from His lofty abode, was revealed to man that he might know Him, promised and swore: “For I give all the land that you see to you and your offspring forever”? All the land – forever. The promise was given to the fathers of the nation, and it is written in the Book of Books, before which there was nothing sacred like it for all the denizens of the earth, nor will there be after it, to the end of all time. This promise, forever and ever – who will break it and his plot not be foiled?

    There is no person from the nation – even if outstanding and revered – who will be entitled to sign, in the name of the people, for the splitting of the land.

    There is no power of attorney for such from past generations, who lived and died on this earth. They worked it by the sweat of their brow, they fought over it, and they shed their blood in its defense. Judges and kings, shepherds and prophets, zealots and rebels, their voice bursts forth from every corner, and calls to possess and settle in the land, through its length and its breadth.

    There is no power of attorney from the present generation, that thirsts for redemption in the homeland, for land, for bread, for freedom.

    There is no power of attorney from the generations that will be born in this land to a life of freedom and liberty. In whose name can such a commitment be made? Who will dare to give them a homeland split asunder, and whose ears will not hear the curse that their lips will utter.

    There is no power of attorney, nor shall there be.

    And there is no power in the world that will compel us to accept the decree and acquiesce in it.

    This is the land which was ours, which will be ours.

    All of it.

    Women For Israel’s Tomorrow (Women in Green)
    POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel
    Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380

    To subscribe to the Women in Green list,
    please send a blank email message to:
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    please send a blank email message to:

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  16. neal h on

    I will contribute $100.

    • allyson taylor on

      We are thrilled to have you on board. Over 18K hits in less than three weeks, and no major PR! We have struck a nerve in the Jewish and Non Jewish Zionists that it is no longer OK to be silent.

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